What are Influencers? Influencers are individuals with a strong online presence, who have the ability to the affect buying decisions of people in their niche. This is due to their perceived authority or their celebrity status among their follower ba... more

Micro-Influencers are Changing the Way We Do Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | All you have to do is look to the Fyre Festival to see how influencer marketing is done wrong. Make sure you're using micro-influencers properly.... more

10 Industry Influencers Every Product Manager Should Follow

Tim Ziegler | It's not who you know, it's who you know to follow! Check out some of the top industry influencers and get schooled by the best product managers.... more

How Influencer Marketing Trends Will Influence Brands

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing has changed a lot over the years. Of course, like anything, it will continue to see some changes. Let's explore the latest trends.... more

Are You Seeing the ROI You Want From Influencer Marketing?

Ashley Kaczmar | We know consumers like hearing from influencers, but how do you translate that into a successful marketing campaign? Find out in this article. ... more

No Risky Business Here: How to Minimize Influencer Marketing Risks

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing might be the trend of 2017, but it comes with risks. You can't control the influencer the way you can control your own brand.... more

How to Make Influencers Fall in Love with Your Brand

Ashley Kaczmar | A key component of influencer marketing campaigns is having a good relationship the influencer. The more genuine your relationship, the better the campaign.... more

Understanding Influencer Marketing ROI

Kathi Furman | Influencer marketing doesn't mean much unless you can quantify your efforts. Find out how to calculate your influencer marketing ROI.... more

Don't Break the Rules with Influencer Marketing

Hailee Franco | If marketers don't even want to see ads, then consumers certainly don't want to either. So what is a marketer to do? You could try influencer marketing.... more

Notice Me: Getting Published in Major Publications

Hailee Franco | Want to be featured on Forbes or Inc but not having any luck? Then check out these expert tips for getting published from Lena Elkins.... more

Crushing it! Getting the Most Out of YouTube Influencers

Hailee Franco | Are you ready to crush it on YouTube? Find out the best ways to get the most out your Youtube influencers from one of the experts.... more

I'll Have What She's Having: Harnessing the Power of Micro-Influencers

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary The flash and fame associated with social media mega-influencers might be alluring, but when it comes to building your brand, bigger isn't necessarily better. Ismael El-Qudsi identifies 'trust' and the ability to inspire audiences to take a... more

Amazon is turning into quite the conglomerate

Ashley Kaczmar | Besides their move into the digital advertising industry, they've also announced Spark . The gist of Spark is that it's Pinterest meets Instagram. Influencers will post products, and users can tap on the images and be taken to a landing page to buy... more

Stop making these mistakes, musicians!

Darius Lee | As someone who works in the music industry, I found the first point - "target niche influencers" - to be particularly important. As much as musicians may scorn the notion, yes, you are a brand, and your creative output is your business. T... more

The benefits of a well-built social media circle

Gregory Samsa | There's no doubt that influencers can be a huge boost for businesses in this day and age of booming social media. People with presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media networks can be harnessed in order to provide ma... more

Influencers - I'm not a big fan!

Lee Hargrave | I can tell you from experience, all influencers are not good at what they do as they say.  They are just successful at making you believe that they are the only word worth listening to.  I have checked out a number of online busine... more

Build B2B Street Cred With Influencer Marketing Strategies

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary “Only 14% of people could recall the last time they saw an ad, and remember what it was promoting. The same study showed that 74% of people turned to social media networks for purchase decisions, and 49% of people relied on third party... more
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            DEW's Start-up of the Year, 2014Siemer Summit WaveMaker winner, 2014Ninja's Katana Analytics Engine lets companies track the social influence of their users, customers or potential customers. We based our product on actual behaviors like spending,... more
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Make Them Rave About You: Turning Customers into Fans

Kathi Furman | Create and develop customers who are true raving fans of your brand. Turn your loyal customers into raving fans with these 5 ideas.... more

Influencer Marketing Alone Can't Save a Bad Product

Ashley Kaczmar | Lately, it seems brands think that influencer marketing is the cure-all to a product that's not doing so hot. Are you making that mistake?... more

The Customer Connection: Making Customers Advocates

Kathi Furman | Finding the right influencer isn’t always an easy task. Businesses often forget that the best influencers might be one of their customers.... more

Influencer Marketing and the Sales Cycle: Are You Using it Right?

Ashley Kaczmar | Do you use influencer marketing strategically? Or are you just grabbing the first big name you see and hoping they will bring you the sales you want?... more

What Top Digital Marketers Already Know About Influencer Marketing in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing is a strategy that uses people with celebrity or authority to promote or market a business or product.... more

B2B Influencer Marketing at Work: 10 Success Stories

Hailee Franco | Don't think B2B influencer marketing can work? Think again. Read some of the biggest success stories in this article from MURRAY NEWLANDS.... more

To Succeed at Influencer Marketing, Stop Making These Mistakes

Ashley Kaczmar | Marketers have been stressing about seeing ROI for their influencer marketing, yet they continue to make these mistakes. Read this article to find out why.... more

Influencer Marketing is Growing Up Fast

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing has evolved beyond just "mommy bloggers" and celebrity endorsements. The rise of social media has redefined influencer marketing.... more

The Power of Thinking Small: Using Micro-Influencers

Hailee Franco | So celebrities make upwards of $1 million per social post. So what do you do when you can't afford Beyonce? You consider micro-influencers.... more

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Influencer Marketing

Kathi Furman | Influencer marketing is gaining significant tread as a solution to the information overload on the Internet. But what are the pros and cons?... more

Growing ‘Paigns: How to Run A Successful Micro-Influencer Campaign

Anna Rachel Rich | Buffer breaks down how exactly to execute a successful micro-influencer campaign with actionable advice. ... more
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