General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is the General Data Protection Regulation? The General Data Protection Regulations also known as GDPR is a data regulation affecting the European Union. Created by European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commissi... more

Best In Show: Choosing Best of Breed Martech

Hailee Franco | Summary There is a debate among businesses on whether or not they should use best of breed marketing tech tools. And for the most part, businesses say yes.After all, they are the best in the fields, but often they are not the cost the most cost eff... more

Will the General Data Protection Regulation Impact Martech?

Hailee Franco | In just under a year the Europen Union will put into place the General Data Protection Regulation. This has many asking, " How will it impact martech?"... more

Take Heed: What Old Adages Can Teach You About Martech

Hailee Franco | Sometimes the best way to move into the future is to look to the past. Check out 6 old adages and how they relate to martech in this article.... more

Applying Martech Across the Entire Customer Journey

Hailee Franco | As the MarTech solutions available to brands evolve at an ever-increasing pace, the role of the CMO is also undergoing a critical transition. Learn why now.... more

Can marketing exist without technology? Hear what the experts have to say.

Lana Moore | Marketing and tech are nearly indistinguishable today. Can marketing exist without technology? Let's see what the experts think.... more

technology glut

Scott Willis | According to the article the technolgy landscape has grown nearly 40% just in the last year. That is a pretty big boom. This article also presented a very good question, is marketing an art or a science? Before I read that part I was guessing i... more

Bringing customer interaction to a more personal level

Gregory Samsa | Sometimes businesses can get caught up in their mindset of number games and treat their customers as just a ticket item. This will eventually lead to frustrated customers and have a negative effect on the company's image and overall goodwill. T... more

Recruiting the right marketing technologist for your busines

Gregory Samsa | I believe there are many ways a business can go about trying to find the right person to fill in the marketing technologist role for their company. I would say the best way would be to nurture someone for that role from within the company. This... more

Email will be ontop for a while.

Ben Ibarra | The results dont surprise me, especially with email on top.  My personal reason behind this is because it is perhaps the most planned out message to send, therefor the individual can make the most informed decision.... more

Marketing Asset Management

Cooper Whitescarver | Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is the strength behind a successful marketing campaign launch. From concept to consumer, you need a solution that will help deliver your marketing message at the right time, through the right channel. When you inves... more

Real Advice

Tasha Lower | Yes! I love getting advice from real people who have used real strategies to accomplish their goals. All too often when I’m looking for help with productivity, business, or marketing I find vague generalizations of now use to anyone. With... more

Resonating Article

Tasha Lower | Excellent advice. If one focuses on technology, it can be easy to invent problems that don’t exists to rationalize the expense of some new shiny piece of tech. I know I’m guilty of this tendency. Likewise, getting lost in the sea... more

article review

Tasha Lower | It’s always useful and fascinating to read about others’ productivity tips, tricks, methods, and routines. I do it so often, sometimes even when I should be working, ha! This article is short and simple, drawing inspiration from... more

Martech & Adtech

Lee Hargrave | I'm sure that with the merging of the two philosophies there are going to be some roadblocks.  As stated in the article, cleaning data is a huge obstacle.  I know they will eventually get things to go their way, but until then, kee... more

Marketing and People

Lauren Campbell | This was actually a pretty awesome read. People get so wrapped up in technology these days and it's understandable. Computers and any interactive technology are huge now. But, we tend to forget that, we actually used to market WITHOUT technology. So... more
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                  ,                         Data
            Launched in 2014, ZyloTech, formerly DataXylo, is an MIT spin-off offering an award-winning A.I. powered customer analytics platform for omni-channel marketing operations.The platform uses A.I. and machine learning to solve data quality i... more
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            MarianaIQ makes full-funnel, at-scale account based marketing a reality. Our platform targets your best prospects by using machine learning and social targeting to deliver true multi-channel B2B marketing.First, we crunch as many as 50,00... more

best choices

Victor Viran | The right choices in marketing are generally made when the following are kept in mind and held as a priority: minimizing investment, generating convertable leads, creating quality and capacity, and building lasting relationshisp. These and more... more

The post-platform era is here

Sandra Harriette | This part jumped out to me: "Given that the average enterprise uses 1,000 cloud-based apps today, easy cross-app data sharing is valuable to many departments." I never would have thought even the larger enterprises would integrate such a... more


Chime Beem | It's imperitive that marketers have knowledge of the software at their fingertips. Knowing what ways you can deliver your message and what the information is behind your campaign is the only way to evolve in an upwards direction as a company. H... more

Target Marketing

Chime Beem | Creativity definitely does go hand in hand with big data and following the spreadsheets. Following the numbers and finding where your numbers are showing your target customer or target audience is just as important as the creative push behind w... more

Marketing Technologists: a New Breed of Marketers

Sara Sousa | Ian clearly presents what exactly distinguishes marketing technologists from the traditional marketer. ... more

IT and Marketing: A Beautiful Partnership

Sara Sousa | With the increased risk of data breach and the growing of landscape of martech tools, IT and marketing need to strengthen their bond.... more

The End All Be All of MarTech Metrics

Sara Sousa | Kevin Bobowski explains why you need to be "customer obsessed" in order to stay ahead of your competition.... more

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Before Choosing a MarTech Solution

Sara Sousa | No one said choosing a martech solution would be easy. Bonnie Harris shares 10 questions to ask yourself before choosing a martech solution. ... more


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                  ,                         Content & Experience
            SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, BI and data management software and services, SAS helps turn your data into better decisions.... more
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                  ,                         Social & Relationships
            Falcon is your customer experience management platform built on social media management tools to deliver personalized brand experiences.... more

Warning: Overcrowding in the Martech Landscape and How to Deal

Sara Sousa | Alicia Weidemann shares her tips for navigating through the crowded martech landscape to help you stay on track and ahead of your competitors.... more

Back to Basics with Marketing Technology

Sara Sousa | Jordan McBride takes a step back in this article to reveal the impact of marketing technology and how to get the most of it. ... more

The Time is Now for Marketing Operations and MarTech

Sara Sousa | Summary The marketing landscape has evolved and it's here to stay. Marketers must embrace the change and start thinking about how martech can benefit marketing operations.Dan Purvis explains how martech comes into play and why marketing operations... more

Cover All Your Bases With a Well-Rounded MarTech Stack

Sara Sousa | Martech stacks are not one size fits all. Researching, selecting and implementing new technologies can be overwhelming without a plan. Here's your guide.... more

Play this Ridiculously Fun Marketing Acronym Game

Lana Moore | Ever get the feeling marketing acronyms have gotten out of control? At this point, it might be worse than marketing jargon and buzzwords.  The sad truth is, I admit to speaking in acronyms more than I'd like. So the next logical step would be... more

Why Can't We Be Friends?: The Evolving Relationship of the CMO and CIO

Sara Sousa | Summary With the martech ecosystem growing, CIOs and CMOs have been working closely together. However, that relationship still needs to evolve further. Scott Weller explains why. Who Should Read This Article Any CMO or CIO interested in how an... more

Nobody's Perfect: A MarTech Wish List

Sara Sousa | The marketing technology landscape is nowhere near perfect yet. Jose Cebrian shares his wish list of features for large-scale marketing platforms.... more

How to Ride the MarTech Wave Like a Pro

Sara Sousa | Martech is paving the way for generalists of all marketing trades to take the place of specialists. Don't get left behind.... more

A Word of Advice to Vendors: STOP Ignoring the Small Guys

Sara Sousa | There are misconceptions about small businesses' technology budgets and priorities that need to be addressed. Read more from Michael Fauscette.... more

Martech: Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It

Sara Sousa | The advancements in marketing technology are truly incredible. However, more technology doesn't necessarily mean less problems. ... more

You Don't Have to be a Salesperson to Sell Your C-Suite on AI

Sara Sousa | Summary AI is becoming so much more than just a buzzword, but how do you prove that to the C-suite?Michael Becker shares some key points to help you build your case for AI. Who Should Read This Article Looking to make a case for AI and get your C... more

Going Up, Up and Away! Martech Use is Soaring in the US and UK

Sara Sousa | The research indicates that martech use in the US and UK is set to grow by 10% over the next year. In order to keep up, consolidation and diversity will be key. ... more