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How to Make More Sales from Your Facebook Business Page

Madeleine Helme | Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Facebook business page to drive sales. These tips can be implemented without spending money to advertise.... more

Timely article just when I need it

Eve A | Selling on Facebook can be very profitable especially when you have very enthusiastic followers. I really like the idea of selling on a business page and I think Facebook Inc did well to include that feature. Also, it is mobile so, customers can sho... more

Sales on Facebook, opportunities are everywhere.

charles pope | Facebook has no shortage of customers, but finding the correct one/s is at times a challenging problem. The new shop pages and call features are good ways of attracting and targeting potental leads. In my experience, the easiler it is for a pot... more

A Guide to Facebook's Shop Section

Madeleine Helme | Facebook’s shop section started rolling out to business pages earlier in 2016. Find out more about this feature and how you can use it to sell your goods.... more

Facebook and loyalty

Lee Hargrave | I recently joined a group on Facebook that has the most "community" feeling that I have seen online.  The people really support each other and not all are in the same business.  They have posted about my work and pages an... more

How to boost your facebook page

David House | Facebook is a huge market for affiliated products and if you are planning to start a business related to facebook marketing then it is indeed a great idea.Some suggestions might be – 1. Join the groups related to your product and try to fi... more

Target Locked On: How to Target Facebook Ads the Right Way

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Here's the secret: when a user is scrolling through Facebook, they don't want to leave the platform. So they're not interested in clicking on an ad that redirects them.Luckily, Facebook has figured this out and they're now providing some ha... more

Turning a Negative Into a Positive with Facebook Reviews

Hailee Franco | When it comes to Facebook reviews you have to take the bad with the good. Find out how your response can improve brand loyalty.... more

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Facebook Events

Kathi Furman | Facebook events gives you access to a larger audience. Use these tips to optimize and promote your event to experience the best results.... more

What Are Lookalike Audiences?

Madeleine Helme | Lookalike audiences are really useful for anyone advertising on Facebook, and something that is definitely worth learning about if you don’t already use it.... more

What are Facebook Instant Articles

Kathi Furman | Make sure your content gets seen on Facebook by publishing on the Facebook Instant Articles platform. You will experience some of the benefits listed here.... more

Going Organic: Easy Ways to Improve Social Reach

Hailee Franco | To get your brand noticed on Facebook, go organic. Check out some simple ways to improve social reach and your social strategy.... more

Apply Now! Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Marketer?

Kathi Furman | A social media marketer is a powerful resource for businesses to utilize in their business-to-business marketing. Find out why it's time to hire one today.... more

The Business of Websites: Do You Really Need One?

Hailee Franco | We live in an increasingly mobile society. I mean 80% of Internet users currently own a smartphone. And mobile app use is constantly on the rise. I personally have more than 100 apps on my phone and am download new apps what seems like every week.&... more

Expert Opinion: Customer Service featuring Alice Donoghue

Alice Donoghue | Customer service is critical to a brands success. In this article, Alice Donoghue shares a few top tips for customer service success.... more

Say it with Emojis: Branding with Facebook Reactions

Hailee Franco | Social media is powered by emotions, which is probably why Facebook Reactions was created late last year. So how can your businesses use this tool?... more

Timing is Everything: When to Post Social Media Updates

Kathi Furman | Use the answers to these questions with the statistics listed in this articles to figure out the best times to post social media updates.... more

Why Does Your SEO Need Local Marketing?

Madeleine Helme | These are three major ways that effective local marketing efforts could boost your SEO and make your website and brand easier to find online.... more

9 Steps to Better Video Marketing on Social Media

Kathi Furman | Don’t get lost in the crowd on social media. Make your audience want to start a relationship with you with these steps for video marketing on social media... more

Video Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Kathi Furman | Make video marketing one of the key factors in your online marketing strategy, using these ideas as your launching pad.... more

10 Ways to Save On Your Marketing Budget

Kathi Furman | You don’t have to increase your marketing budget to reach a larger audience. Utilize innovative and low-cost solutions with these 10 ideas.... more

Online Reviews Help Grow Your Business

Kathi Furman | Read on to find out why acquiring online reviews should be a prominent piece of your online marketing strategy to grow your business.... more

The Future of AI for Marketing featuring Suraj Kandukuri

Suraj Kandukuri | Suraj Kandukuri is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report. Here's the complete contribution: Right now businesses still need a fair amount of consumer input to target t... more

Social and Relationships: 50+ Stats You Need to Know

Lana K. Moore | Looking for a rundown of "need-to-know" information on social media and customer relationships? Look no further. We have all the essential statistics.... more

Piloting Your SEO Plan to Come Out on Top (of SERPs)

Ashley Kaczmar | SEO is a process marketing professionals use to drive more traffic to a website organically to ensure the website ranks high on a search engine return list.... more

What You Need to Know About Social Advertising to Stay Ahead in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Social advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on social media networks. These can be as simple as promoted posts, or large campaigns.... more
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Millennials and Social Media: The Experts Weigh In

Lana K. Moore | When it comes to social media which platform should you choose to best market to millennials? We asked the experts to weigh-in. See what they had to say.... more

3 Steps to Improve ROI with Marketing Analytics

Trent Jonas | Put these steps into practice, track the metrics that matter, and show the CEO (and budget) how marketing analytics can impact ROI for the better.... more

Content and Experience: All the Stats You Need to Know

Lana K. Moore | There is so much information about content and experience that it can be hard to keep all your facts straight. That is why we made this list for you.... more

Use It or Lose It: Customer Retention and Social Media

Hailee Franco | If you knew it cost 6 to 7 times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones, wouldn’t you do it? Then use social media for customer retention!... more

Improve Account-Based Marketing With Content

Kathi Furman | Make a plan to intertwine account-based marketing and content with these steps and create customized content to grab the attention of your accounts.... more

Lets Talk About Trust Baby

Hailee Franco | Do your customers trust you? If you don't have an answer then chances are they don't, but you can earn their trust with these tips!... more

Going Full Throttle with Marketing Analytics in 2017

Lisa Callahan | Marketing analytics measures marketing effectiveness. It looks at when, where and how customer engagements happen by combining online and offline data.... more

Building Relationships: How Social Media Can Help

Hailee Franco | It is time to rethink the way you use social media.If you aren't building relationships are your social platforms then the answer is yes.... more

Lights, Camera, Marketing: Mastering Video Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Video marketing is powerful, effective, and downright fun. But breaking into video marketing can be difficult. Not anymore. Read on to get started!... more

Planning is Key: Creating Your Content Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Lacking a content strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Read this article to make sure your content marketing starts off strong.... more

What trends could reshape content marketing? Find out what the experts say.

Lana K. Moore | It’s impossible to predict without fail what the future holds. But, to get a better idea of what's next for content marketing, we asked the experts.... more

Learnings From the Art of War in the Age of Digital

Kartikey Bhargava | For any business attempting to forge a path in today’s competitive market place, getting the right marketing and growth strategy in place is key.... more

Why the Experts Say Account-Based Marketing is a Must in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on customers as individuals. Businesses then concentrate their marketing and sales resources on them.... more