Email Marketing


Use Email to Reunite Your Customers with Abandoned Shopping Carts

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Baymard Institute analyzed 37 separate studies containing cart abandonment statistics and came up with an  average cart abandonment rate of 69% . For your average store owner, that is a significant loss of revenue. In this article, Aaron... more

Find Out What the Future Holds for Email Marketers

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary In the Email Marketing Industry Census 2017, conducted by Adestra in partnership with eConsultancy,  73 percent of email marketers considered the performance of email campaigns either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’  while SEO came close a... more

Be Proactive About Interactive Email Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Not only is email marketing not dead, but it still has new opportunities lying ahead. What opportunities, you ask? For one, interactive content.In this article, Chad S. White will discuss why interactive content is such a big deal for email... more

Words Matter: The Most Effective Words for Email Marketing

Hailee Franco | Words matter, often more than you think. But you can turn a struggling email campaign into a thriving one with a simple grammar change. ... more

Have a Robot Do It: Email Automation Tips

John Shieldsmith | Email automation sounds great. But isn't it a lot of work. Actually, if you follows these 5 simple tips, it can be fairly simple.... more

Best Time to Send Email: Timing is Key

John Shieldsmith | When is the best time to send email? It's a tricky question with no single answer. Check out this guide and infographic to get on the right track.... more

Cashing In: Turning Your Email List Into Cash

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing can be a great driver of brand awareness. But with a few tweaks, it can be an excellent driver of revenue. Here's how to get started.... more

Inbox Idiosyncrasies: The Habits of Newsletter Masterminds

John Shieldsmith | We all have our inbox idiosyncrasies. Take a look at what the inbox habits are of the minds behind the biggest newsletters.... more

The Marketing Madhouse: Reducing Stress in Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Less stress in email marketing? That sounds like a dream, right? Use these tips and it can become your reality. We promise.... more

Just Add Water: Tip to Growing Your Email List

John Shieldsmith | You know your brand could benefit from email marketing. But, you don't have an email list. Let's tackle how you can grow that list.... more

A Touchy Subject: Tips to Boost Email Open Rates

John Shieldsmith | There's nothing worse than pouring tons of effort into an email, only to have it not opened. Turn your open rates around using these tips.... more

Inbox Full...Of Awesome: Learn Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing is still relevant and still essential to overall marketing success. Read this article to learn the ins and outs of this timeless practice.... more

E-Best: Email Marketing Best Practices and Tips

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing is still relevant. It's also still complicated and fickle. Here are some email marketing best practices to get you started.... more

The Lost Ones: Regain Customers With Browse Abandonment Emails

John Shieldsmith | Ahh, the one that got away. We all have one - or a few thousand - in email marketing. Use abandonment emails to get them back.... more

Look Into My Eyes and Click the CTA: Email Conversion 101

John Shieldsmith | Getting people to open an email is one thing. Getting them to read it? That's another story. Check out these tips on email conversion.... more

Friend, Not Foe: AI and How It Can Help Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | AI isn't the boogeyman. In fact, it can be a huge asset, especially in email marketing. Read on to learn how AI can help you, email marketer.... more

Dynamic Dynamo: Using Dynamic Content in Emails

John Shieldsmith | Your emails used to be great. But now they just seem so... stale. It's time to get with the now. It's time to use dynamic content.... more

The More Personal the Better: Tips for Email Personalization

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Email personalization means adding someone's name to the headline, right? Actually, as it turns out this isn't as effective as you think it is.There are other ways to effectively use email personalization in your email marketing campaigns.... more

Don't Hit Send Before Doing This to Your Email Signature

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Brad Beutler from Hubspot showcases seven examples of clever email signatures that drive clicks and conversions.... more

Making an Impact with These 4 Email Subject Line Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary "When it comes to email marketing, the phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but  how  you say it’ springs to mind."Getting the success you want with email marketing is trickier than it sounds. You need all the right components to come tog... more

Attract More Emails with Lead Magnets

Hailee Franco | It's easier to attract bees with honey and easier to get emails with lead magnets. Learn what we mean in this article from Susanna Gebauer.... more

Sending the perfect email

Heather Nelson | The article stated that the best time and day to send your email depends on your goal, audience, and industry. This I believe is very true. Think of yourself on a Monday morning at work your goal is to eliminate all the clutter from last week a... more

Email Marketing Success

Rashaad Dukes | I agree completely with this. I think you should try and market to as many as possible but put alot of the time if not the all of it into trying to please the people who actually care. You should know all your potential buyers and their likes and di... more

You, Read, Now: Email Etiquette Lessons for 2017

John Shieldsmith | No matter your brand's voice, email etiquette is always important. Nobody likes a rude marketer. Here are tips for refining your etiquette.... more

Subject to Change: Boosting Open Rates with New Subject Lines

John Shieldsmith | Are your open rates in the hole? Well, get them out of there! Use these subject line tips to boost your open rates in no time!... more

Old School Cool: Why Tables Are Still Relevant in Emails

John Shieldsmith | Many think tables are outdated and don't have a place in emails anymore. Read on to learn why they should still be in your emails.... more

Flash Marketing: Using the Email Preview Text to its Fullest

John Shieldsmith | The email preview text can be good for a lot more than just taking up space in someone's inbox. Learn how to use it to drive open rates.... more

Getting a Grip on Outreach Emails: 10 Tips

John Shieldsmith | You've heard all about outreach emails. But what exactly are they and how do you go about creating them? Here are 10 tips to get you started.... more

Email Marketing Revival Techniques With a Human Touch

Kathi Furman | Email marketing is extremely valuable to business marketing strategy when implemented correctly. Take the time to make a plan to avoid sounding like a robot... more

Why You Need Email Verification

John White | With email verification, marketers can cut costs, save time, increase productivity, and significantly improve their marketing efforts.... more
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