E-commerce Marketing


Not Photogenic: 11 Ways Photos Hurt E-Commerce Sites

John Shieldsmith | Photos are always a good thing, right? Actually, the wrong kings of photos can do more harm than good on your e-commerce site.... more

Uniquely Difficult: Tips for Tackling E-Commerce SEO

John Shieldsmith | SEO is hard enough. E-commerce SEO? Yeowza. Well, fret no more, e-commerce marketer. Learn how you can turn your e-commerce SEO game around.... more

Money-Making Data Tactics for Anyone in Ecommerce

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Dataconomy, Danny Asling introduces us to the current state of big data in eCommerce and how to use it to make the big bucks.... more

E-Commerce Greatness: 11 Tips for a Customer-Centric Approach

John Shieldsmith | Is your e-commerce revenue not where you want it? Could it be higher? Of course it could. It's time to focus on the customer. It'll pay off, I promise.... more

Video Testimonials: How to Build Trust and Close Sales in a Hurry

John Shieldsmith | You know testimonials can be effective. But have you tried using a video testimonial? Don't worry, we've got tips to get you started.... more

Keeping Up with Mobile Commerce

Madeleine Helme | The mobile commerce boom is here, and it’s expected to get even bigger. If your brand isn’t prepared, then it could be left in the dust.... more

A Solid Backbone: Creating an E-Commerce Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Those products and services of yours won't sell themselves. Use this guide to create an effective ecommerce strategy.... more

Let's Get Into Visual Search

Madeleine Helme | If you sell products online then visual search could open new doors for your business. Read this article to learn about Bing's visual search feature.... more

Let Your Customer's Voice be Heard When Shopping Online

Madeleine Helme | Voice-controlled shopping could be a revolutionary step in e-commerce, so make sure you don't get left behind. Here's a guide prepare your business.... more

Blog Your Way to E-Commerce Sales

Madeleine Helme | Think content shouldn't be a high priority for e-commerce sales? This article covers some of the types of blog content your e-commerce store should be using... more

E-Commerce is Getting Smarter, Artificially

Madeleine Helme | A personalized online shopping experience is everything! Deliver this level of personalization by letting data and artificial intelligence lead the way.... more

Don't Stand for Low E-Commerce Conversion Rates!

Madeleine Helme | E-commerce businesses' average conversion rate is just 2.78%. Get insight from industry experts here on how to improve your e-commerce conversion rates.... more

It's All About M-Commerce

Madeleine Helme | If you sell products online then you absolutely should be trying to capitalize on the m-commerce market. Here's how to earn conversions from mobile traffic.... more

Show Your Customers Your Value

Madeleine Helme | Your e-commerce store needs its own value proposition that tells customers why they should shop with you. Here's how to make your brand stand out.... more

Be Less Technical and More Practical With E-Commerce Optimization

Madeleine Helme | There's more to a business than just the website. It's time to drop the impersonal nature of online shopping with a few tips on e-commerce optimization.... more

A Great Disturbance in the E-Commerce Force

Madeleine Helme | E-commerce is a fast moving business, just like everything else digital. Stay in the race with the 3 latest trends that are disrupting e-commerce this year.... more

Two Dozen Ways to Win on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Corey Ferreira from Shopify helps you prep your ecommerce store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with 26 tips.... more

Sellers Tell All: Ecommerce Users Share Highs and Lows

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Shanelle Mullin from Shopify looks at what hundreds of ecommerce owners have to say about surviving and thriving with an online store.... more

11 Deadly Sins of Ecommerce Marketing

Lisa Callahan | Over 79% of Americans shop online, but converting even one is no easy feat. Neil Patel lists 11 mistakes costing you conversions in your ecommerce business.... more

Commerce and Sales Statistics

Julia Green | Those statistics are incredible. I didn't know many of them. I was very surprising to learn that parents spend 61% more online than non-parents ($1,071 vs. $664). I had never thought of that correlation before. The other stats are very helpful... more

Amazon is more profitable

bruce J.stevenson | Amazon is the best overall growth story in today's market, in my opinion. As an internet marketer, I find being an Amazon seller is more profitable than being let's say a website owner. Why? Because when you own a website you have to pay for ad... more


Kary Skiven | I do like the suggestion of running a contest. My question is, when would you start running contests? Would that be based on a number of weeks, or months, that the blog has been around? Or would you base that off of the number of hits per week or pe... more

Is there a perfect time to send cart abandonment emails?

Hailee Franco | When someone abandons their shopping cart do you send out a cart abandonment email? If so how soon after they abandon is it sent?  This is something I have thought a lot about lately, after getting 3 abandon cart emails in my inbox over th... more

Providing social proof in today's skeptical world

Gregory Samsa | Nowadays, people are skeptical and this applies to customers as well. Providing social proof of what the company is offering, be it products or services, is crucial in establishing brand trust and securing further visits and/or trips to the store by... more

Spending more

karen pink | I find that it can be tricky to get your customer to spend more, unless you are offering something that they desire. You need to offer them something that they will not be able to get elsewhere, and convince them that this product will enhance... more

Common sense says to use mobile commerce

Ben Ibarra | For business owners who are selling products, its my personal opinion that mobile e-commerce is a must use if you want to increase your profits. This is coming from a tactic standpoint yes, but I also think it's just common sense. Everyone is o... more

Sales personnel and the creative selling process

Angel Gonzalez | As someone who has worked in Sales for quite some time, I completely agree with the article. For MANY businesses, the heart of the sales process rests within the actual creativity of their salespeople. I personally feel that ALL sales personnel shou... more


Julia Green | I have a young e-commerce website that hasn't been producing as much revenue as I anticipated. We are still fairly new and gaining traction but our numbers just aren't where I think they should be. I wish I would have read this article before w... more

Additional tips?

Rebs Amazon | I enjoyed reading this article because it really did highlight the key various ways of improving Amazon listings for optimal sales. Hoewver, one thing it did not point out was that in listing items on Amazon, you are also competing with other lister... more

Riding the Wave of Ecommerce Trends

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Sawaram Suthar from Business2Community lists five popular ways ecommerce marketers are driving growth.... more

Interesting Stats

Gerald Pan | Some of these statistics are so interesting! I especially liked that stat, "72% of females and 59% of males have decided to abandon their purchase because of shipping costs." The cost of shipping has never been a particular issue for... more
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