Display & Programmatic Advertising


Hold Up: Looks Like Brands Are Safer Online Than We Thought

Ashley Kaczmar | If you're just scrolling through headlines, it probably sounds like Google has screwed up ad placement. But things aren't as bad as they appear.... more

Protecting Your Brand From Fake News Sites

Ashley Kaczmar | As advertisers, we want to reach as many people as possible. However, we have to be cautious of fake news sites. What should we do to protect our brands?... more

Are Your Digital Ads Caught in the Wrong Metrics?

Ashley Kaczmar | The explosion of technology has given marketers and advertisers a lot of data to work with. So how do you know what metrics are the right metrics?... more

Are You Ready for the Mobile Takeover?

Ashley Kaczmar | Mobile usage is quickly overtaking desktop. This has affected ad designs. So what does this mean for programmatic ad buying?... more

The Ad Fraud Epidemic and How to Cure It

Ashley Kaczmar | Lately, ad fraud has become quite the epidemic in the digital advertising industry. If you know how to detect when ad fraud is happening, you can stop it.... more

Programmatic Advertising is Evolving With People-Based Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic advertising is becoming the standard way to distribute. However, there's still a lot of work to be done to make it work smoothly. ... more

Should TV Advertising Have Viewability Standards?

Ashley Kaczmar | Having viewability standards for digital video has been incredibly important for advertisers. But what about traditional TV?... more

Where is Programmatic Advertising Headed?

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic advertising isn't over, but it's not the grand solution it once was. So where are advertisers shifting their focus? Find out in this article.... more

Be a Smart Cookie About Choosing a Programmatic Vendor

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic is a hard channel to work through. You may find yourself turning to a vendor. How do you know which one is right for you?... more

Unlikely Friends: Inbound Marketing Principles and Display Ads Strategies

Ashley Kaczmar | Online advertising is about testing different methods. Check out this article to see how inbound marketing principles can improve display ad strategies.... more

How to Get Ahead with Your Ad Headlines

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary When it comes to print, the difference between someone choosing to read something or not is often the headline. This is true for digital advertising as well.In this article, Perry Marshall will talk about three tips you can use to create be... more

Stop the Block: What Can You Do About Ad-Blocking?

Ashley Kaczmar | Is ad-blocking stressing your out? In this article, Liz Farquhar will talk about how you can reduce the issue of ad-blocking for your brand.... more

Google's War On Bad Ads Starts With This

Ashley Kaczmar | Does it ever feel like "Attack of the Ads" when you're browsing online? That's why Google is introducing an ad blocker for their Chrome browser. ... more

How to do you become a "best place to work"?

Ashley Kaczmar | "Choozle ranked No. 1 among medium-sized companies for the 2017 Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work awards." What do you think it takes to reach this kind of ranking?... more

Transparency among DSPs

Tim Geiger | Interesting article. I haven't put much thought into how companies can skew demand. It raises the concern that the average consumer may believe he/she is knowledgeable in a certain industry, but the data itself could have been skewed to begin w... more

I have never heard of Blockchain, before..

Peggy Francoeur | But no doubt I will be hearing much about it in the future. What an interesting program, sort of a cyber version of excel. I was fascinated with how it got it's start actually being developed to work with bitcoin, but is now being adapted to do... more

Demandbase received some new funding

Ashley Kaczmar | Demandbase has received $65 million in funding, which they plan to direct towards AI. What do you expect to see from though now that they have this funding?... more

Bannersnack has launched their Banner Generator

Ashley Kaczmar | Bannersnack has introduced a tool that automates the process of creating multiple ads. Do you think this is beneficial or is it too much automation?... more

Facebook does not like spam

Ashley Kaczmar | Facebook seems to be finally looking to take a stand against the spam and fake news that have made advertisers so antsy lately.  What do you think of their plans to remove spam?... more

Researching appropriate font for promoting eye catching adve

Devis Michel | An effective advertisement requires extensive research and testing in order to determine what will work best for your product in your particular market. I would like to thank Madeleine Helme for opening up this discussion about various elements... more

Increase Your Ad's Click-Through Rate And Click On This Article

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary The digital landscape is highly competitive. Getting your ads in front of the right people is only half the battle. You need them to be interested enough to click on it and engage with your brand.In this article, Perry Marshall will give yo... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Matt Garrepy

Matt Garrepy | With more than half of today’s digital display ads being purchased programmatically, it’s clear that the future trend is continued growth.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Kristoffer Nelson

Kristoffer Nelson | We’ll see greater transparency, a shrinking of the middleman market, wide adoption of header bidding, and emergence of blockchain tech.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Darren Easton

Darren Easton | Over the next few years, as the tools to create them become more accessible and easier to use, programmatic will become a more user-friendly platform.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Christiana Cacciapuoti

Christiana Cacciapuoti | The state of display and programmatic advertising technology evolution will be felt among transparency, over-the-top content (OTT) and data.... more
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