Everyone knows influencer marketing is exploding, but to what extent? To answer this question, we’ve recently analyzed 1.5 million #ad posts and were blown away by the results. Here are the key findings:

Women Dominate Influencer Marketing

83.9% of the #ad posts in 2017 were posted by women. The female domination of the space outweighs the general female rate among Instagram users, which is around the 60%.

Wellness is Trending

The top categories of influencer partnerships reveal what’s trending right now. While Fashion and Beauty kept their domination in influencer marketing, new entries made it to the top. Fitness & Wellness were trending categories this year and reached the 10th place. This entry reflects the trend of consumers developing a more holistic view of living a healthy life and seeking recommendations online.

The Industry is Fast Growing

Influencer marketing grew by 198% in 2017. In just one year, the industry doubled (!) its size. The trend is positive and shows a constant average growth of 5% month-over-month.

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