Online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor shape consumer behavior. ReviewTrackers reached out to a U.S. based consumer panel and found that

  • 70% of consumers read reviews in the beginning of and during the research phase of their shopping.
  • 90% of consumers feel that online reviews are at least somewhat important when choosing a local business.
  • 63% say they are important or very important.

For marketers, that means you need to developer a "voice of the customer" strategy to make sure you're listening to what customers are saying about your business, responding to it, and actually acting on their feedback.

Who Should Read This Article?

Any marketer who is interested in social listening, online reputation management, and customer experience data. 

What You Will Learn

  • When and how online reviews appear in the customer roadmap.
  • How influential online reviews are for prospective customers.
  • What information people are looking for when they search for your business.

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on 07.20.2017

First of all - I love that you made your own Buzzworthy format! 


This article has a lot of awesome information in it. I'm just gonna tuck that away for future reference, lol.


There's so much data available to marketers, but it feels like so many of them miss out on listening to the "voice of the customer." Or, at least, listening to it properly and leveraging it correctly. There just seems to be something missing in how marketers handle social listening. Would you agree? 

on 07.20.2017

Definitely! Finding ways to aggregate meaninful data on customer experience and VoC can be a challenge.

But if you've got the data, almost nothing is more valuable. 

You've got to think that as martech grows, we're going to see more machine learning and sentiment analysis to make sense of all the customer voices on social, reviews, et al.

on 07.20.2017

Speaking as a data geek, I couldn't agree more.

Sentiment analysis is such a cool concept. I've only recenently started to see it pop up in more martech headlines -- Business2Community did a great piece about how it's molding the martech landscape -- but I'm excited for what's to come in that area. 

on 07.06.2017

As a consumer, I admit that I do this all the time.  If there is a particular product such as a product that I saw in an infomercial or a commercial I go to a website such as Amazon to find out what others are saying about the product.  I don't just look at those five-star reviews I also look at the one stars as well, to find out what is being said there.  So, there is a genuine reason why companies who are in the business of selling products are interested in these reviews these can make or break a product they are selling.

on 08.18.2017

When I see a product that I do like I go to Amazon, and I do look at the reviews.  You can more or less eliminate the top and bottom 10% and you should get a pretty good idea of how the product is performing.  User driven reviews have become so powerful in the industry.