In today’s age and time, almost all of us prefer working for ourselves than working under someone. However, this also means the competition is quite intense. Here’s how you can beat your complexion and get your handmade products more recognition and better sales.

Make Sure Your Name Sticks in Your Customer’s Mind by Keeping It Simple and Artsy

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs with a liking to language tend to do, is name their business something unusual. While it certainly might sound nice, you’ll find that the “tongue-twister” sort of name is a little hard to stick to your potential client’s memory. This can be a disadvantage, making it necessary for you to carry your visiting cards aroundwhich doesn’t really happen with online business owners.

Use Social Media Platforms for Advertising Your Products, Selling and Getting To Know Your Clients

Social media certainly has many advantages and disadvantages. In the recent times, these platforms have got quite popular when it comes to selling productsespecially if it is handmade. While it’s important that you use marketing agencies Melbourne to advertise your products, you can still use your social media accounts to advertise your products subtly, get to know your clients, as well as keep them aware of sales and discounts. This also gives you access to clients beyond your locality.

Be Aware Of the Results of Bad Online Reviews

Since most people have experience disappointment at least once when it comes to online shopping, people tend to check out online reviews even before visiting your shop. And while you might not be selling things online, you still have to make sure there are no negative reviews on your products online. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by making sure your customers and clients are satisfied with the quality of your products every single time.

Make Sure Your Products (Sold Online) Are In Good Shape When They Get To Your Customers/Clients

If you do happen to sell online, you must always make sure that your products are in good shape and quality when they reach your client/customer. This means you need to make sure your product will survive the journey, and that the outside packaging is sturdy enough to protect what is inside. Try your best to make the packaging attractive, as first impressions generally set the mood. You might also want to slip in a card of yours, or a code for a repeat purchase to once more subtly advertise.

Consider Setting up A Stall at Local Sales and Fairs

If you want local recognition as well as the international recognition, you need to make sure your locals get familiar with your brand and your products. This is actually easier to achieve than you think, can easily happen if you bring your products to local sales and fairs (like church fairs). Even school fairs can be quite a good ideaespecially if you are an entrepreneur who is yet to see your business see success, and unable to afford expensive advertising.

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