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Need some PR metrics help?

Ashley Kaczmar | According to this article from MarTech Advisor, TrendKite has a strong framework for categorizing PR metrics and PR impacts.  Looking it over, I think it's a pretty solid framework. Do you agree?... more

PR is quite important today

Erik Serrao | Public relations is a very important part of everyday business for many companies across the world. PR can not only put a new product or service on the map for individuals who have not heard of it before, but it can also play damage co... more

Launching a new book

karen pink | I specifically think it is crucial when launching a new book to have an extensive knowledge of good PR. A lot of authors out there are now choosing to self publish, due to the insurmountable obstacles placed in their way by traditional editors and p... more

Time involved in PR

karen pink | I agree that it is the utmost importance to ensure a timely press release. Often, in the case of a shocking news release, the interent will spread rumours like wildfire within an hour. It is essential that the correct facts are issued in an official... more

How do you become a thought leader?

Ashley Kaczmar | "For example, by producing data-driven research that extended beyond the PR community, our client BuzzStream established themselves as an authoritative tool and resource among the digital community as a whole." Would you agree that BuzzSt... more

Apologies in a PR Crisis

Lee Hargrave | Apologies in a public relations crisis are necessary evils.  You must always think of the people that were harmed or slighted.  You should see what you can do to correct the problem short of giving away the company.  Be si... more

How to deal with bad publicity

David House | If your firm is being insulted in the media online, respond fast, efficeintly. If you are at fault, then apologise. Avoid saying 'no comment' - it sends out a negative message. Communication is good for PR crisis. Tell your side of the story with wr... more

Making Sure You Connect with the Right Journalists

Niel Malhotra | One thing I've found to be key that I didn't see up here is to make sure that the journalists you reach out to cover your industry. Journalists have beats. If they don't work your beat, then no tactic will help you. If you're about SEO, and they wr... more

Why Managing Your Reputation Is Crucial For Your Business

Evan Davis | When the phone stopped ringing, David knew something was wrong. After some deliberation he went to search his company name. What he saw next almost gave him a heart attack. There on page one of the search results right after his website were sland... more

How to Identify the Best Social Media Influencers for Your Brand

Shane Barker | You may be surprised to learn that identifying social media influencers is a major challenge for many marketers. 73% of marketers in a survey by Econsultancy reported that it is their biggest challenge. So here's everything you need to know about id... more

ViralSweep Review: Run Viral Giveaways Your Way

Nicole Poncsak | Run giveaways that go viral the easy way, with ViralSweep! ViralSweep makes running viral giveaways easy for brands, ecommerce merchants, bloggers, influencers and website owners so each campaign successfully helps grow their business and their cus... more

How packaging plays a role in branding

Alex Briggs | I think we've all had a moment where a product's appearance was the deciding factor in what we buy. Research suggests that 30% of people base their final buying decision on the appearance of the product.   People are visual, and it's not... more

PR can always use more data

Ashley Kaczmar | It was recently announced that AirPR raised $5 million to increase data for the industry. Personally, I think this is much needed and I can't wait to see what comes from it. What do you think?... more

more on social media

Tasha Lower | Good tips all over, but especially the bit about creating a buzz and building a relationship with consumers through the internet. Don’t forget social media and using artistically interesting or aesthetically intriguing pictures or videos o... more

Social Media PR

Ben Ibarra | I personally believe Social Media has made the biggest impact on PR in the recent years, and is probably much more utilized/effective then the traditional newspaper releases that seemed to never go away decades ago. Now when there are public release... more

PR as a marketing tool

Bobb Andrew | PR is a very effective way to launch a new product to the market. PR is used to create a buzz or awareness to the potential clients about the launch of a new product. We can use PR in different ways from calling a press conference to having a m... more

Implications of Mpos

Tasha Lower | Mobile Point-of-Sales are often associated with small business or newer tech minded startups. This is likely due to their ease and affordability. It can give the impression of youth, novelty and a certain amount of improvisation in the company&r... more

page ranking

ed nu | Google 200 ranking factor today is really great! I mean just great! The best SEO strategies today won't be the same tomorrow, so how do we make sure we are keeping up with the latest? Now we see pbn flooding the SERPs just to... more

Maintaining Online Reputation by Creating Content

Devis Michel | Due to the increasing popularity of online forums and communities for customers, especially as it pertains to ecommerce, your company's online repuation is more important than ever. The online chatter surrounding your products and/or services a... more

Meet the AI-Powered Social Intelligence from Zignal Labs

Ashley Kaczmar | An excerpt from the article : "At its Media Intelligence Summit today, Zignal Labs unveiled new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that enable corporate communications and marketing professionals to make faster and more informed decisio... more

The times are a changin' for PR

Ashley Kaczmar | The rise of social media had a huge impact on public relations. And, as such, we've seen the industry evolve and change. Reading about ways to tackle PR in our modern day led me to this article . It listed several ways to accomplish this task and i... more

Loyal customers reaction

Niya Dairo | Coming from the loyal customer's side of things, I feel this article is missing something. I don't think the article points out that most loyal customers just want to be known and heard. You can throw incentives at them all day long but let peo... more