In this time of technological advancements, the analytics vendors are tapping off features that used to be specific to the integration providers alone. This makes us question if data integration is dead.

The reality is that, the traditional way of integrating the data using the “relational” ETL method is withering away. The legacy ETL integration tools are unable to stand the sheer volume, variety or velocity of the data that the companies generate, hence making it unfit for any further use. The data is being generated infinitely from a great number of sources like IoT device sensors, mobile applications, machine data, social media, and much more, making the traditional warehouse/ETL systems unable to hold the information. The traditional warehouses are now being replaced by a warehouse with better known as the Data Lakes in the near future.

It is; therefore, wrong to say that data integration is dead when actually only the approach towards it will be changed by a much wider and technologically sound technique.

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