We all use social validation and research to make us feel confident in our purchases as consumers, but what happens when this behavior moves into the B2B world at the same time the willingness to purchase has risen to more than $100,000 per transaction.

How is your company thinking about curating social validation? How do you leverage tools like G2Crowd or others to help your prospects gain confidence?

Marketing has so much influence over buyers today but not as much as other consumers, so how do you take the peer influence and use in your marketing? 

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on 12.13.2017

Working with some recent companies and seeing some incredible numbers associated with getting this right. Here are the few tips we have learned. G2Crowd is a must - own that page, ensure you have enough review to be listed and include it in your marketing footer. Customer success videos specifically focused on problem solution and the story around the catalyst of the need/search and then search for a solution and ultimate experience are gold right now. Exposing your solution to credible industry/role influencers and offering them direct access to customers can pay huge dividends. Love to hear other successful strategies.

on 12.22.2017

I think this is the "chicken or the egg" dilemma for marketing. Does society mirror marketing, or does marketing mirror society?

I think answering that question (though there really isn't a concrete answer) will help us understand the role of social validation (aka social proof) in our marketing messages.