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technology glut

Scott Willis | According to the article the technolgy landscape has grown nearly 40% just in the last year. That is a pretty big boom. This article also presented a very good question, is marketing an art or a science? Before I read that part I was guessing i... more

Bringing customer interaction to a more personal level

Gregory Samsa | Sometimes businesses can get caught up in their mindset of number games and treat their customers as just a ticket item. This will eventually lead to frustrated customers and have a negative effect on the company's image and overall goodwill. T... more

Recruiting the right marketing technologist for your busines

Gregory Samsa | I believe there are many ways a business can go about trying to find the right person to fill in the marketing technologist role for their company. I would say the best way would be to nurture someone for that role from within the company. This... more

Email will be ontop for a while.

Ben Ibarra | The results dont surprise me, especially with email on top.  My personal reason behind this is because it is perhaps the most planned out message to send, therefor the individual can make the most informed decision.... more

Marketing Asset Management

Cooper Whitescarver | Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is the strength behind a successful marketing campaign launch. From concept to consumer, you need a solution that will help deliver your marketing message at the right time, through the right channel. When you inves... more

Real Advice

Tasha Lower | Yes! I love getting advice from real people who have used real strategies to accomplish their goals. All too often when I’m looking for help with productivity, business, or marketing I find vague generalizations of now use to anyone. With... more

Resonating Article

Tasha Lower | Excellent advice. If one focuses on technology, it can be easy to invent problems that don’t exists to rationalize the expense of some new shiny piece of tech. I know I’m guilty of this tendency. Likewise, getting lost in the sea... more

article review

Tasha Lower | It’s always useful and fascinating to read about others’ productivity tips, tricks, methods, and routines. I do it so often, sometimes even when I should be working, ha! This article is short and simple, drawing inspiration from... more

Martech & Adtech

Lee Hargrave | I'm sure that with the merging of the two philosophies there are going to be some roadblocks.  As stated in the article, cleaning data is a huge obstacle.  I know they will eventually get things to go their way, but until then, kee... more

Marketing and People

Lauren Campbell | This was actually a pretty awesome read. People get so wrapped up in technology these days and it's understandable. Computers and any interactive technology are huge now. But, we tend to forget that, we actually used to market WITHOUT technology. So... more

Valentine’s Day Shopping Habits & What They Mean for Local Businesses

Mohannad "Mo" El-Barachi | Make the best use of your data from Valentine's Day digital marketing efforts. Leverage your local listings, review and consumer data to fine-tune your digital marketing efforts throughout the year. ... more

Marketing Mix Is Key To A Successful Marketing Plan

Daniel Movardo | A digital-only marketing approach can be successful for a particular campaign, but brands that see the most success out of their marketing campaigns implement a traditional-digital marketing mix to make the most out of their digital efforts whether... more

50 Amazing Women in Martech: Call for Submissions

Lana K. Moore | Do you know an amazing woman that excels at marketing technology? In December, MarTechExec.com will be publishing 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech in 2018 . We want to celebrate female marketing executives, practitioners and inno... more

best choices

Victor Viran | The right choices in marketing are generally made when the following are kept in mind and held as a priority: minimizing investment, generating convertable leads, creating quality and capacity, and building lasting relationshisp. These and more... more

The post-platform era is here

Sandra Harriette | This part jumped out to me: "Given that the average enterprise uses 1,000 cloud-based apps today, easy cross-app data sharing is valuable to many departments." I never would have thought even the larger enterprises would integrate such a... more


Chime Beem | It's imperitive that marketers have knowledge of the software at their fingertips. Knowing what ways you can deliver your message and what the information is behind your campaign is the only way to evolve in an upwards direction as a company. H... more

Target Marketing

Chime Beem | Creativity definitely does go hand in hand with big data and following the spreadsheets. Following the numbers and finding where your numbers are showing your target customer or target audience is just as important as the creative push behind w... more

Adapt/extend phplist for drip campaigns?

aaron pawlak | Hi, A drip campaign is the staggered delivery of a series of marketing messages to one or more list members. A campaign consists of a set of marketing messages and a list of recipients. Each set of marketing messages has a theme/topic, depending on... more

Intro and Help with a Martech

aaron pawlak | Hi,   Just signed up a few days ago. I am just starting to seriously getting in to VO and am basically in the setting up of a home studio mode and will be doing a demo....after much more practice. Must say I am impressed by all the talent... more


Scott Willis | Lol mar-tech deniers, I noticed how he fit that little joke in there. This is a good article and I would have to agree with most of the solutions presented. The article mentions that a willing culture and process needs to be in place before ado... more

The future of marketing: Visual-based and personal

Gregory Samsa | I see the future of marketing technology being heavily focused on visual imagery such as video, gif, pictures and similar media. On a similar note, marketing campaigns will become even more personal as the technology improves and allows marketers to... more

AI will create more free time

Ben Ibarra | I've seen pessimistic views on AI, I believe the fact that martech will be more human and independant with new technology will greatly enhance our own experience. Aside from the business advantages and technological advances, the menial tasks t... more

Fundamentals first

Ben Ibarra | A simple yet important article, the points illustrated are essential what make all the other finite details and pieces fit together, which again stresses the point of honing in on fundamentals of whatever you are doing, especially marketing. i have... more

Shiny ball syndrome

Ben Ibarra | This article touches on an issue that not just business owners but everyone experiences. When we see something special our brain almost always instinctively want to grab hold of it, but in terms of business, this means losing touch with fundamentals... more

ML and the AI Revolution

Lee Hargrave | Having the benefits of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will be a breakthrough in the marketing world.  Instead of you having to make all the decisions regarding your product marketing, you will have a machine that can... more


Lauren Campbell | Great info here. You'll find the do's and don'ts of tactical buying as it specifically relates to us as marketers. I'll admit that I have always thought negatively of tactical buying, as I too have found issues with gaps and overlaps. IMO it cr... more

Tech Evolution

Lauren Campbell | This is a great read. Technology has been rapidly progressing and it has no chance of slowing down. And with new technology happening everyday comes new job opportunities opening up everyday. We're a tech based society now and in some way, all jobs... more

Good principles, cool graphics!

Mia Kristensen | The content of this article is solid but I mostly just wanted to point out how much I loved the infographics and visualizations in this article (the full version). They really drive the point home and the semi-circular version from Cisco is great, I... more

How to sort through the options?

Mia Kristensen | Like this article states if there are hundreds, or thousands of providers, how do you possibly figure out which ones are good? Or even legitimate? This lists some important traits of a good company but I'm lacking a good way to "sift" to f... more

Nice visuals

Lisa Bradley | Having the visuals and graphics in this article really helped to bring some structure and clarity into my marketing stack. Because there are so many different martech tools and solutions, it's easy for marketers to feel overwhelmed. This articl... more

Submit scoring not working?

Daniel Movardo | Fun fun but when trying to submit my score, it didn't work for me =/... more

What’s Stopping Us from Using More Interactive Video?

Lisa Clark | Martech teams must create, manage, and measure content across a variety of media today, even provinces like video that used to be left to specialist teams. Yet in a recent poll of martech professionals, less than 10% of respondents regarded themselv... more

I'm new :)

Robert Nachum | Thanks for one of my articles. I'm new in this community, hope to learn as much as I can.... more

Adding Value for the Customers?

Leslie Franczek | I'm not sure what you mean when you say that the shifting market will increase customer value and decrease hyping the product. Product advertisements are now availabe to consumers on many platforms as you mentioned. Does this not now make it a battl... more

The "Idiot Button"

Sandra Harriette | Even when a customer knows about the industry-level jargon (i.e. CRMS = Client Relationship Management Systems, I presume), I think that the tech-focused -- unless their ideal customer is also in another tech-related sector -- tend to get too hung u... more

What exactly does consolidation mean in this context?

Sandra Harriette |   I saw how in last year's landscape, it was indicated that 10 vendors were either acquired or had gone out of business, but nothing more is mentioned of acquisitions. This is what I thought of when I saw the term  consolidation .... more

A Must

Chime Beem | Protection for consumer data is a must. It's important for businesses small and large to do everything they can to protect their customers and clients, albeit another regulation and one that needs much preparation and requires change, the GDPR... more

No-fill event

Pragya Singh | I am using connatix Javascript API and trying to invoke no-fill event but not able to do so.  ... more

Martec Carbon

aaron pawlak | Hi,   So, I am trying to figure out, if it is a bad investment buying a bike made by Martec carbon? I seem to get a lot of conflicting info on this. For example, Pedal Force claim that some of their frames are made by Martec, but that the... more