Every month we try to put together a curated list of some of the most noteworthy ecommerce news, articles, apps, and resources that take place throughout the month, and this month we did just that.

The purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to bring you news you can use to stay more informed about the ecommerce community at large, helpful resources and guides to improve your businesses, and some interesting topics to think about or share with others.

This past month, Facebook rolled out Instagram Shopping and unsurprisingly picked Shopify merchants to be amongst the first to be able to take advantage of this new selling channel. Facebook also had many, many other updates on their ad platform. Not too far behind Facebook, Google Adwords launched their new user experience to all advertisers, and Snapchat, well, came out with “Context Cards.”

Check out what else when down this month in our October resource roundup article!


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on 11.15.2017

Hey Nicole! Thanks for sharing — This is really neat. It's incredible how fast-paced of an industry ecommerce is. It's smart of you guys to keep a pulse on it with these news roundups!