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Data Mining

What is data mining? Data mining  helps businesses sort through data to find what they need. This involves filtering out bad data and looking for trends. Most data mining takes place through software.... more

Differentiating Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trent Jonas | In order to master data science as a whole, you need (at least) a working knowledge of the interplay between statistics, machine learning, and data science.... more

I Think, Therefore I Am Data: Opinion Mining 101

Lisa Callahan | Opinion mining is the latest and greatest advancement in the data science field. With it, customer opinions are turned into actionable data.... more

4 Defining Traits of Valuable Audience Data

Lisa Callahan | Identifying and collecting valuable audience data will help you to optimize your marketing campaigns without wasting time on worthless data.... more

Less is More: Minimal yet Mighty Data Visualizations

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Avinash Kaushik pays homage to data visualization minimalists and outlines nine ways to follow in their footsteps.... more

Talk Data to Me: Designing Data Visualizations Everyone Understands

Lisa Callahan | Data visualizations act as the translator for your teams. Ensure your data translates in both an accurate and understandable way using these tips.... more

Data Modeling

What is data modeling? Data modeling is the use of charts and diagrams to illustrate data relationships. Unlike data visualization, data modeling uses basic design to communicate information to business teams. Common types of data models include f... more

Expert Opinions on Audience Market Data & Data Enhancement

Lana Moore | To jumpstart your journey into audience market data, we asked the experts: “How do you use marketing analytics to build an audience for a new business?”... more
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Google Analytics Behavior Data: A Marketing Goldmine

Lisa Callahan | When it comes to Google Analytics, it's the Behavior section that often breaks the bond of an otherwise sound set of data insights.... more
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            AccuData Integrated Marketing drives success for thousands of businesses with our consumer and B2B data resources, sophisticated analytics and modeling techniques, powerful marketing platforms, and full-scale omnichannel marketing campaigns.... more

Balancing Marketing Automation and Data Validation Processing

Trent Jonas | Bad data can be worse than no data at all when it comes to wasting resources. Data validation is therefore critical to successful demand generation.... more

Priming Your Database for a Health and Performance Check

Lisa Callahan | Your database is a safe harbor for all the bits and pieces your data team collects, which means you need to keep it in tip-top condition.... more

Banking on Mobility Data as an Aid to Fintech

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Datafloq, we see for ourselves how fintech utilizes mobility data to boost business in three different ways.... more

Data in marketing: Is it even up for debate?

Lisa Callahan | ReachForce recently got a new CEO  -- Dion Cornett. Here's a recent quote from him about his upcoming responsbilities:  "As B2B sales transition to low-touch, self-service models, data-driven marketing becomes an absolute req... more

Getting the data on programmatic videos

Ashley Kaczmar | "Genesis Media, a leading publisher analytics and data science company, announced today it has merged with Denver-based, Altitude Digital, a programmatic video technology company. The company will operate as Genesis Media." You can read m... more

How Data Resurrected Retail Marketing

Lisa Callahan | If you work in a brick-and-mortar retail store or in retail marketing, this is for you. Read to learn why data is faring so well on the retail floor.... more

Data Management Platforms: Making Sense of Data (So You Don’t Have To)

John Shieldsmith | What if you have too much data? Where do you begin looking for the right pieces of data? If you have Data Management Platforms you already know the answers.... more

Big Data DIY: Recycling Bad Data for Strategic Use

Lisa Callahan | Smart marketers not only recognize good data when they see it -- they also recognize bad data, and know how to turn it around.... more

Unacast is teaming up with Blis to augment location data. Think of the possibilities!

John Shieldsmith | Unacast, the self-proclaimed operator of the largest beacon network in the world, has partnered with Blis, the location data technology firm. The two are hoping to use their joint powers to bridge the current gaps in location-based data. This will... more

Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Data Scientist Candidates

Lisa Callahan | When hiring a data scientist, you want to ensure you go about it the right way. Turning down the right candidate could be an irreparable mistake.... more

Targeting Your Advertising with Granularity of Data

Madeleine Helme | Gaining greater granularity of data for your advertising campaigns is a worthwhile investment. Granularity could be the key to more successful advertising.... more

Data is Now the Driving Force in Marketing Success

Bonnie Evans | "Implementing a data-driven strategy is a challenge, but the opportunities and advantages of using a data-driven approach cannot be underestimated."... more

Playing Dr. Data Using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Lisa Callahan | Predictive and prescriptive analytics are a marketer's stethoscope and prescription pad. Use these tips to find out how to use them right.... more

Prepping Enterprise Data for Analytics Projects

Lisa Callahan | Summary Enterprises are a different beast than any other kind of organization.They also have loads more data available to them, which means getting it all under control can be a complete nightmare.In this article, the team at insideBIGDATA sets you... more

Master and Commander...of Data: Mastering the DMP

John Shieldsmith | We're creating more data than ever before. How do you even begin to manage it? Read this guide to master the data management platform.... more

Stealing the Spotlight on the Big Data Stage

Lisa Callahan | The sooner you incorporate big data into your natural marketing flow, the sooner and faster your business will grow. Find out how in this article.... more

Lead With Logic When Choosing a Data Solution

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Agent3 CEO Clive Armitage explains why, when using a data solution, companies that fail to plan should plan to fail.... more

Meticulously Meta: Stay Sane During Data Management

Lisa Callahan | Data management is already complex. For the many of us who have yet to master it, metadata management is like navigating a black hole.... more

Navigating Your Data Lake Like a True Survivalist

Lisa Callahan | In this article from CIO, Thor Olavsrud outlines Perez' top tips for maximizing the potential of your data lake -- without "drowning in it."... more

That's So Mod: Dissecting 3 Types of Data Models

Lisa Callahan | Learn about the different data models and the differences between them. This in-depth explanation compares three primary types.... more

How to be a Retweet Magnet, According to Social Data

Lisa Callahan | The psychology of retweeting is perplexing at best. Check out this infographic from Social Quant to learn what social data tells us about getting retweets.... more

Thank you, Absolutdata cofounder, for embracing AI

Lisa Callahan | One of the co-founders of Absolutdata, Suhale Kapoor , said some pretty neat things about AI recently during an interview with Hindu Business Online. Considering how much AI fear-mongering I read day in and day out, it's nice to find a martech lead... more

Data Enhancement: Making Mucky Metrics Clean Again

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition: Data enhancement is the process of turning raw information into something useful or valuable to your business growth. This involves aggregating data from different sources, then cleaning and organizing it to improve customer insi... more

The Martech Newbie's Guide to Implementing Big Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Philip Piletic from Single Grain Digital Marketing describes how to start using big data analytics to bump up your marketing efforts.... more

Money-Making Data Tactics for Anyone in Ecommerce

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Dataconomy, Danny Asling introduces us to the current state of big data in eCommerce and how to use it to make the big bucks.... more

Is Using Location Data for Ads Too Invasive?

Ashley Kaczmar | The use of location data in marketing has become more sophisticated in recent years. But does this cross a line for consumers?... more

From Startup to Enterprise: Segmenting Customer Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, David Blankley walks you through 8 different ways to segment your customer data -- whether it's basic, advanced, or somewhere in between.... more