General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is the General Data Protection Regulation? The General Data Protection Regulations also known as GDPR is a data regulation affecting the European Union. Created by European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commissi... more

Data Lake

What is a data lake? A data lake holds raw data in one large, uniform pool. Instead of using folders to keep data organized data lakes keep everything on the same level. Data lakes go untouched until the business needs to query it.... more

Data Analyst

What is a data analyst? A  data analyst  transforms data into straightforward language so business executives can use it. Businesses create large amounts of data that's hard for most people to process. A data analyst will take this informa... more

Third-Party Data

What is third-party data? Third-party data is bought from an outside business that sells data in bulk. These businesses aggregate data from a range of sources and then offer them to the public as package deals.... more

Audience Market Data

What is audience market data? Audience market data is information about the audience a business wants to reach. This data helps marketers group customers based on shared traits. Businesses either collect their own data or buy... more

Data Scientist

What is a data scientist? A data scientist is a person who uses a handles advanced sets of data. They usually have a wide variety of skills, including calculus, statistics and engineering. Data scientists use these skills during... more

Data Mining

What is data mining? Data mining  helps businesses sort through data to find what they need. This involves filtering out bad data and looking for trends. Most data mining takes place through software.... more

Big Data

What is big data? Big data is a combination of all the data a company collects. It includes data from online sources, like newsletter subscriptions, and offline sources, like in-store purchases. Because of its volume, the analysis of big... more

Data Visualization

What is data visualization? Data visualization is the process of translating data into a visual form. As a result, this makes large amounts of data easy to understand, regardless of audience. Finally, common types of data visualization include pie... more

Data Management Platform (DMP)

What is a Data Management Platform? A data management platform  also known as a DMP is a type of software that brings together data from multiple sources. It collects first and third-party data on your audience and provides an analysis of this... more

Cloud Data Integration

What is cloud data integration? Cloud data integration  is the process of connecting programs in the cloud. These programs then share data with each other. Cloud data integration helps businesses manage all its data using one seamless workflow... more

Customer Data Plaform (CDP)

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? A  customer data platform (CDP)  is a database that stores any collected customer data on a single platform. This data is often pulled from multiple stores and campaigns, leaving it fragmented. Data... more

Data Modeling

What is data modeling? Data modeling is the use of charts and diagrams to illustrate data relationships. Unlike data visualization, data modeling uses basic design to communicate information to business teams. Common types of data models include f... more


Lulu Alex | I think it is a convenient tool for larger businesses and corporations. While they are not as useful as talking to an actual live customer representative, at times it can prove to be useful! First off, they demonstrate that the company cares about i... more

The path to lifelike bots

Sarah Thielland | As I've stated in a comment before, chatbots are a great way to correspond but they do always feel, well, bot-like. Of course they are actually bots but for them to become a more mainstream way of contact, they need to be tweaked, and have some feat... more

Doing something wrong is worse than not doing it

Lisa Callahan | InfoTrust talked in June about some research they did on the ROI of data quality . Essentially, most marketers do thing they're following a data-driven lifestyle in their business, most of them ALSO say their data isn't very good -- poor quality or... more

The fine line between insight and privacy

Lisa Callahan | I'm always torn on this issue, with a preference for the marketers' side of the argument. It's been a debate and I'm sure it will continue to be a debate for many years moving forward, especially as our data tracking capabilities become even more ad... more

Referral discounts no different than influencer incentives?

Lisa Callahan | We've all been told over and over that WOM is the strongest form of marketing, right? Something that I think might be starting to get in the way of that, though, is influencer marketing. I wonder if referrals in general have lost some of their power... more

Referral discounts no different than influencer incentives?

Lisa Callahan | We've all been told over and over that WOM is the strongest form of marketing, right? Something that I think might be starting to get in the way of that, though, is influencer marketing. I wonder if referrals in general have lost some of their power... more

Using analytics to improve marketing and customer value

Gregory Samsa | In this day and age, analytics can be used for almost anything, including marketing. Businesses should be making use of analytics from the get-go in order to understand customer trends when it comes to their company. Analytics can help identify weak... more

Integrating processes across a business

Gregory Samsa | There's no doubt that integration of cloud processes across a business can lead to great benefits through increased efficiency. I agree wholeheartedly that it is crucial to educate the employee base before attempting to transition into this approach... more

Crafting a presentation that is eye-catching and informative

Gregory Samsa | Presenting data in a way that can be both eye-catching and to the point can be a daunting task no doubt. Often enough presenters will pack way too much information into slides or printouts, leading to the loss of interest from the audience. It is im... more

Every marketer should use analytics

Ben Ibarra | It still baffles me that people don't use analytics to learn about their customers. It is perhaps the most effective tool for finding information about your customer base and potential leads. Because the majority of time for people is spent onl... more

It works to be a multi~tasker

Pamela Dunn | If you have a short attention span then it does no good to try to multi-task. Focusing on one thing is one thing but focusing on a few or several is a totally different scene. With so many options on the internet it is difficult to maintain focus on... more

The GDPR is forcing us to be real with our users

Lisa Callahan | Everyone knows about the GDPR, right? I'm just going to assume that's a yes... Jason Rose is the previous marketing lead at DataSift, and he wrote this article about the GDPR and how it will impact our third-party data. He said the GDPR will give... more

Human smarts are the best smarts... maybe

Lisa Callahan | Prayag Narula , who's the CEO of LeadGenius, said something in an interview that I think is a very hot topic in martech right now. So I don't misrepresent him, here's the direct quote: "At the end of the day, human intelligence cannot be remo... more

Owler rates most likable CEOs

Lisa Callahan | Owler's users ranked the top CEOs in the tech industry , and Owler reported on it in May this year. Their likability was rated out of 100 possible points. Apparently, no heads of tech companies made the top 10. Do you think this is a good list? Doe... more

Data in marketing: Is it even up for debate?

Lisa Callahan | ReachForce recently got a new CEO  -- Dion Cornett. Here's a recent quote from him about his upcoming responsbilities:  "As B2B sales transition to low-touch, self-service models, data-driven marketing becomes an absolute req... more

Predictive quizzes: Science, entertainment or both?

Lisa Callahan | Somehow, this reminds me of how Mark Zuckerberg preluded Facebook with Facemash... So, DataRobot is in the online data business? Not exactly, but they did make a quiz that supposedly predicts whether your relationship will last or not. It's based... more

Too many data scientists, not enough jobs

Lisa Callahan | So, check this out: "On any given day there are about 450 job postings for data professionals coming from every kind of company." That came from an article about RapidMiner partnering up with Experfy. The goal there is so make hiring dat... more

Bitly CEO talks about hiring his younger self

Lisa Callahan | Bitly's CEO, Mark Josephson, has an interesting perspective on Bitly, how it's changed over time, and the use of link shortening in general. He talked about it in an interview with Forbes back in April. He actually followed what Forbes calls their... more

Cloud storage and computing

charles pope | The cloud seems to be continuting on an upward trend, with a variety of services and costs being offered. With the major providers like Google, Apple, and Microsoft investing in new technology for cloud storage, I agree that it is safe to assum... more


Scott Willis |   I've always found AI to be a very fascinating subject and from time to time i try to get updated on the latest technology. AI already exists at certain levels and extents but it isn't hard to imagine what AI may be like in 50 years. They'... more

Allocadia says most data-driven marketing is immature at best

Lisa Callahan | I wanted to share some of the stats I came across from Allocadia's 2017 Marketing Performance Maturity Study (say that five times fast). Here are a few in particular that caught my attention: Only 8% of businesses keep marketing, sales and finan... more

Thank you, Absolutdata cofounder, for embracing AI

Lisa Callahan | One of the co-founders of Absolutdata, Suhale Kapoor , said some pretty neat things about AI recently during an interview with Hindu Business Online. Considering how much AI fear-mongering I read day in and day out, it's nice to find a martech lead... more

Frank Calderoni shifts C-suite role for Anaplan

Lisa Callahan | Frank Calderoni moved from being CFO of Red Hat to being CEO at Anaplan. He had nothing but good things to say about Anaplan, though, which is good.  For those of you who have shifted from one C-suite position to another, either at the s... more

SurveyGizmo says millennials homebuyers are an enigma

Lisa Callahan | SurveyGizmo talked to a bunch of millennials -- what marketers love to do the most -- and compared their homebuying habits to people from Gen X as well as Baby Boomers. Aaaand millennials are super weird. Shocker, right? (I can say that because I a... more

Dallas cowboy wears many hats at Panamplify

Lisa Callahan | Anything that talks about a fellow Texan always grabs my eye. Turns out, one of the founders of Panamplify, Michael Pratt , is from the Dallas area, and he gave an interview with the Dallas News. It's pretty funny, he actually said he's the 'C-ever... more

Mobile apps vs. mobile web not a TKO

Lisa Callahan | I can't ever stop myself from reading data reports. It's a problem. But it's a good problem to have when you work in martech, I guess. Looking at ComScore's report on mobile usage for last year, some of the stats do surprise me. Here's one: "... more

Cultural diversity: Blessing or curse in martech?

Lisa Callahan | Nothing is more refreshing to me than interviews. Podcasts, even. Don't get me wrong -- I love copy. Writing it and reading it. But having some mixed media in there can really grab your attention when all the martech headlines start to mush into one... more