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Does Your Mobile Marketing Meet Customer Needs?

Ashley Kaczmar | We're in a mobile-first world now, and that means mobile marketing needs to meet higher expectations for consumer experience. ... more

Using Customer Surveys to Read Your Customer’s Mind

Kathi Furman | Customer surveys are used by businesses to gain knowledge and power. Survey service websites make your research easy and customizable.... more

Building Relationships: How Social Media Can Help

Hailee Franco | It is time to rethink the way you use social media.If you aren't building relationships are your social platforms then the answer is yes.... more

Swallow Your Pride and Step Aside for New CXOs

Lisa Callahan | Your C-suite employees have a special place in your biz. It takes an introspective entrepreneur to admit weaknesses and let other, stronger CXOs step in.... more

How AI and Chatbots Are Growing Up in Customer Service

Ashley Kaczmar | Chatbots are growing up fast. And as they grow, we need to make sure they move into the workforce effectively. Find out how to do that in this article.... more

Uncover Hidden Profit with Customer Success Software

Kathi Furman | Utilize available resources and unlock the hidden profit in your business operations by shifting your focus to customer success.... more

Solving Your Millennial Customer Service Nightmare

Hailee Franco | I am a marketer and a millennial, meaning I am your company’s worst millennial customer service nightmare. Find out how on MarTechExec.... more

Happy Customer, Happy You: Optimizing the Customer Experience

John Shieldsmith | It's easy to overlook the customer experience when thinking about all of marketing's moving parts. Read this guide to learn why UX should be #1.... more

Use These Tips to Give Exceptional Customer Experience

Ashley Kaczmar | The easiest way to make yourself stand out. Find out the best ways to make your customer experience stand out in this article.... more

Message in a Chatbot: How Messenger is Changing Customer Service

Ashley Kaczmar | You know that feeling when you have to make a phone call and you just don't want to. And your customers know that feeling well too. ... more

Are You Getting the Answers You Need From Your Customer Surveys?

Ashley Kaczmar | You give out customer surveys because you know you can improve your service based on the responses. The problem: customers rarely respond.... more

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Customer Engagement?

Ashley Kaczmar | You should know by now that consumers consider the opinions of their peers to be one of the best ways to determine whether or not to buy a product.... more

Survey Mistakes Every Marketer Makes

Kathi Furman | Before you decide to launch your own survey, review these common survey mistakes that marketers make, and learn how to avoid them.... more

Are You on Life Support? Understanding the Customer Lifecycle

Kathi Furman | Successful businesses understand the entire customer lifecycle. They focus on the steps needed to make each lifecycle segment all about the customer.... more

Feel the Churn: The Impact of Churn Rate on Customer Success

Kathi Furman | It is vital for businesses to understand their churn rate, how to calculate it, and make improvements to achieve higher customer success.... more

All About the Customer: Why You Need Customer Experience

Ashley Kaczmar | The internet has brought higher expectations from consumers. With that in mind, you need to make sure customer experience is a top priority. ... more

Living in a Mobile-First World: How to Engage Your Customers on Mobile

Ashley Kaczmar | What does being in a mobile-first world mean? It means that the lines between social, mobile, and messaging continue to blur. ... more

A Touchy Subject: Essential B2B Customer Touchpoints

Hailee Franco | If you don't want to fall behind your B2C counterparts, then listen up B2Bers. Chris Wright shares some of the biggest B2B customers touchpoints.... more

How a Pair of Leggings Sparked a Debate About Customer Empathy

Hailee Franco | United Airlines allegedly prevented two women from boarding their flight due to leggings recently. So what does this say about empathy?... more

Line Up: Keeping a Flow of Incoming Customers

Hailee Franco | Want to have a customer following like Apple? It starts with keeping the customers you do have. Find out to keep a flow of incoming customers.... more

Closing the Sale: Turning Shoppers into Customers

Hailee Franco | Window shoppers, you know them, you loathe them. But did you know you can turn these browsers into buyers? Find out how in this article.... more

Make Your Social Media Count in Real Numbers

Ashley Kaczmar | Many experts believe it's time for businesses to start getting really serious about social media. That's where this article comes in.... more

Make Your Employees Think Customer-First

Ashley Kaczmar | Bad customer service leads to bad reviews. You need employees that are dedicated to making your customer's experience the absolute best. How do you do that?... more

Marketers Don't Understand the Customer Journey

Hailee Franco | If there's one thing a successful marketer should know, it's the customer journey. So why is it that so many of us can't wrap our heads around it?... more

Make it Rain: Using Customer Service to Generate Revenue

Hailee Franco | Are you ready to make more money? If so it's time to leverage your customer service department to generate revenue. Find out how.... more

AI in Business: Robot-Run Marketing is Going Mainstream

Lisa Callahan | Read to discover how Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the marketing landscape and making marketers' jobs easier than ever before.... more

How Consumer Behavior is Changing the Ways We Use Data

Ashley Kaczmar | If the technology changes, surely the consumers' behavior does as well. And this is what shapes data-driven creatives. Read on to learn more.... more

When Worlds Collide: Customer Support and Customer Service

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, we'll explore how customer care has changed, and how customer support and customer service are coming to mean one and the same. ... more

NextBee collaborates with 3dcart

Ashley Kaczmar | "Shopping cart software leader 3dcart and NextBee Media - a cutting-edge Viral Marketing Software company - announced today a collaborative venture that will bring affordable and technologically superior marketing solutions to 3dcart merchants.... more

Freshdesk gets a chatbot

Ashley Kaczmar | Freshdesk has partnered with AmplifyReach to provide a chatbot solution for its customers.  How does this reflect the current trends around chatbots?... more

Why Online Reviews Are Top of Mind for 70% of Consumers

Max Schleicher | Online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor shape consumer behavior. ReviewTrackers reached out to a U.S. based consumer panel and found that 70% of consumers read reviews in the beginning of and during the research phase of the... more


Leon Miltiadous | An interesting article to read for a small business owner like myself. Establishing Respect with clients is paramount to the success of the business and to delivery a product/service which is of high quality. Mutual trust and professionalism are imp... more

How to start a B2B business?

Leon Miltiadous | Thorougly enjoyed reading this article. I am a small business owner and looking to incorporate some of these ideas into my business plan. I have been developing a business plan for a few years now and only recently started to look into B2B pros... more
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