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Customer Trust: Its Importance to Your Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | A recommendation from a friend is far more powerful than your promise. Take the steps today to make customer trust a priority in your business strategy.... more

The Key to A+ Customer Experience Lies in Customer Data

Madeleine Helme | Customer experience is something that a lot of businesses are focusing on these days. Use your customer data to improve your business.... more

Keeping Track of Customers with Customer Relationship Management

Kathi Furman | To compete with increasing online competition, businesses need to improve their customer relationship management.... more

The Customer Connection: Making Customers Advocates

Kathi Furman | Finding the right influencer isn’t always an easy task. Businesses often forget that the best influencers might be one of their customers.... more

Using Customer Surveys to Read Your Customer’s Mind

Kathi Furman | Customer surveys are used by businesses to gain knowledge and power. Survey service websites make your research easy and customizable.... more

Happy Customer, Happy You: Optimizing the Customer Experience

John Shieldsmith | It's easy to overlook the customer experience when thinking about all of marketing's moving parts. Read this guide to learn why UX should be #1.... more

When Worlds Collide: Customer Support and Customer Service

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, we'll explore how customer care has changed, and how customer support and customer service are coming to mean one and the same. ... more

All About the Customer: Why You Need Customer Experience

Ashley Kaczmar | The internet has brought higher expectations from consumers. With that in mind, you need to make sure customer experience is a top priority. ... more

Get a Grip on Your Customers With Customer Journey Analytics

Sara Sousa | Summary A martech stack spans across different teams and works to align everyone. Each of these martech elements produces valuable information that more than one team may need.Swati Sahai explains how customer journey analytics can help you truly u... more

Why Customer Data Platforms are the BFF of the Customer Journey

Lisa Callahan | Summary If the customer journey were the Yellow Brick Road, then Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) would be Oz.Plainly said, all the data collected from the customer journey needs somewhere to go. But that somewhere can't be just anywhere. In this day... more

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

What is Customer Acquisition Cost? Customer acquisition cost, also known as CAC is the amount of money it costs to get a customer to buy your product or service. Both businesses and investors use CAC. To calculate CAC simply divide "cost spent... more

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer lifetime value, also known as CLV predicts the value of a customer to a business. This value is calculated based on the entire lifetime of the relationship. Due to the fact that a business is never sure how... more

Customer Service

What is Customer Service? Customer Service is the assistance businesses give to customers before, during, and after purchasing a product. This help can be small, like helping a customer reset a password. Or it can be larger, like helping them trou... more

Customer Success

What is Customer Success? Customer Success is a new and emerging role in many businesses. Its focus is on managing the relationship between the customer and the business or vendor. When successful, customer success improves the customer lifetime v... more

Customer Data Plaform (CDP)

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? A  customer data platform (CDP)  is a database that stores any collected customer data on a single platform. This data is often pulled from multiple stores and campaigns, leaving it fragmented. Data... more

Customer Feedback

What is customer feedback? Businesses use customer feedback  to learn how people feel about their product or service . Customers either voluntarily provide feedback, or the business asks them for it after purchase. Feedback comes in many f... more

Voice of Customer (VOC)

What is Voice of Customer? Voice of Customer also known as VOC, is the process of determining a customer's wants, needs, and distastes. Businesses then group these three categories into a hierarchal structure, allowing them to prior... more

Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience? Customer Experience  also known as CX is the culmination of interactions a customer has with a business. These interactions happen throughout the course of the customer's relationship with the business. The custome... more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is customer relationship management? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a mix of the strategies, technology, and practices that manage and analyze customer interactions. Then, it collects all the data a provided by a customer to a busine... more

360-Degree Customer View

What is a 360-Degree Customer View? The  360-degree customer view is the idea that a complete view of a customer is possible using customer journey data. This data is acquired by examining various touchpoints from the customer journey. Still,... more

Customer Intelligence (CI)

What is Customer Intelligence (CI)? Customer Intelligence (CI) is the process businesses use to gather and review customer data. Then, this data taken from multiple sources looks at customer details and activities. The goal of CI is to unders... more

Uber's Domino Effect on Customer-Focused Commerce

Lisa Callahan | In this article, the marketing team at Magento takes a look at how Uber's on-demand service has prompted big-box retailers to follow suit.... more

Oldies But Goodies: Focusing on Customer Retention Over Acquisition

Anna Rachel Rich | 44% of companies admit they focus more on customer acquisition than customer retention. Andrew Dennis makes a case for the latter.... more

Creating a Bigger Bottom Line with Better Customer Experience

Kathi Furman | Any good business leader understands the importance of customer experience and their bottom lines are better for it. Find out why on MarTechExec.... more

Give 'Em Something to Talk a Bot: AI in Customer Service

Lisa Callahan | Artificial intelligence seeks to revolutionize customer management operations. Will AI eliminate the human element of customer service?... more

Stop Letting Efficiency Prevent Effective Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Every business wants effective customer relationships and a CRM is an obvious tool to use. Just don't let efficiency harm the bottom line.... more

Is Your Ecommerce Navigation Menu Leading Customers Astray?

Lisa Callahan | Summary A menu is a menu is a menu. Right? Wrong.All menus are not created equal, marketers. And a bad one could cost you. If your navigation menu doesn't get your customers where you want them to be, it's time to give it another look.In this artic... more

The Ecommerce Trifecta: What Convinces Customers to Buy

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Ayaz Nanji from MarketingProfs explains why three specific content types help to drive conversions in ecommerce.... more

The Final Countdown for E-commerce Customers

Madeleine Helme | Retailers and ecommerce sites are always trying to create a sense of urgency. One technique employed by some are countdown timers for e-commerce sites.... more

In-Store Events to Attract Customers and Drive Sales

Madeleine Helme | Hosting special in-store events create an exciting experience that attracts more customers to your store, while simultaneously raising brand awareness.... more

E-Commerce Greatness: 11 Tips for a Customer-Centric Approach

John Shieldsmith | Is your e-commerce revenue not where you want it? Could it be higher? Of course it could. It's time to focus on the customer. It'll pay off, I promise.... more

The Search is On for E-Commerce Customers

Madeleine Helme | If your e-commerce store sells hundreds or even thousands of products in different categories, you need search for your e-commerce customers.... more

Ecommerce Marketing: A Guide for Reaching Today’s Customer

Ashley Kaczmar | Undeniably, the customer journey now starts and often finishes online. Ecommerce marketing is now more critical than ever.... more

Expert Opinion: Customer Service featuring Merijn te Booij

Merijn te Booij | Customer service is critical to a brands success. In this article, Merijn te Booij shares a few top tips for customer service success.... more

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What it Means to Customers

Ashley Kaczmar | Find out how you can build trust and respect between yourself and your customers in this article from Business2Community. ... more

Technology Alone Won't Close the Customer Experience Gap

Hailee Franco | Technology is just the jumping off point when it comes to improving CX. So what else do you need to know about closing the customer experience gap?... more

How is Amazon Fighting Fake Customer Reviews?

Madeleine Helme | Amazon is seeking to address this concern to reassure its customers that the reviews on its site are all genuine and can be trusted.... more

A Guide to Delivering Positive Customer Experiences

Kathi Furman | The secret to increasing customer retention is to create a positive customer experience that leaves them wanting more from you.... more

Keeping Customers is Hard to Do

Hailee Franco | Retaining customers is easy. All you need is great customer service. Check out 5 ways you can keep your customers from walking away.... more

Use It or Lose It: Customer Retention and Social Media

Hailee Franco | If you knew it cost 6 to 7 times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones, wouldn’t you do it? Then use social media for customer retention!... more