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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is customer relationship management?Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a mix of the strategies, technology, and practices that manage and analyze customer interactions. Then, it collects all the data a provided by a customer to a business... more

Customer Relationships

Nia Francis | I completely agree with this article. When you treat customers with care, it will urge them to continue doing business with you. If I was part of a customer loyalty program, but the people working for that business didn't treat me respectfully, I wou... more

Customer Trust: Its Importance to Your Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Customer trust is the center of every customer relationship. Trust increases customer loyalty, boosts referrals, and increases sales. Trust makes or breaks a business’s longevity.What is customer trust?Trust is an individual’s ability to... more

Keeping Track of Customers with Customer Relationship Management

Kathi Furman | To compete with increasing online competition, businesses need to improve their customer relationship management.... more

Generation Y: Millennials and Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Don’t turn your back to the Millennial generation. Update your marketing strategy to increase brand loyalty and customer relationships.... more

Stop Letting Efficiency Prevent Effective Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Right now, 58% of businesses label their relationships with customers as something they are currently working to improve. It’s no secret – Happy customers are vital to overall business success. Creating happy customers starts with buildin... more

Why Experts Say You Need To Use Customer Relationship Management in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a mix of the strategies, technology, and practices that manage and analyze customer interactions.... more

8 Calls to Action that Initiate New Relationships with Customers and Collaborators

Tim Ziegler | Let’s talk about what you can do right now to initiate new relationships with the customers and collaborators who will help build your business.... more

Keeping the customer happy

Gregory Samsa | The old adage is ever so true: the customer is always right, so keep the customer happy. Customer relationship management should be a cornerstone of every business that strives to be successful. It is important to be timely in responding to customer... more


Caitlyn Holland | Customer relationship management is a key source to develop a great relationship with your customers. It allows you to go through, and search different types of customers needs fast and easy. If you have a hard time keeping track of all your customer... more