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Customer Loyalty in Small Business

Tasha Lower | As a consumer, starting a relationship with a young company and watching it grow into a more substantial player is always a delight. It can be satisfying to consider yourself having been on brand or on trend before others and inspire loyalty for a si... more

Creating Customer Loyalty Is About More Than Data

Ashley Kaczmar | The beauty of data is that it's supposed to let us understand customers more. Yet, customers still feel that brands don't know them as well as they should.... more

Keeping Customer Loyal: No Loyalty Program Required

Kathi Furman | Utilizing these tactics increases customer loyalty organically without breaking the bank, giving you a better return on investment.... more

What Big Mistake Did Uber Make with Brand Loyalty?

Ashley Kaczmar | "What you do to get them, you have to do to keep them." In this article, Sonia Thompson talks about how to build customer loyalty in a sustainable way.... more

Customer Relationships

Nia Francis | I completely agree with this article. When you treat customers with care, it will urge them to continue doing business with you. If I was part of a customer loyalty program, but the people working for that business didn't treat me respectfully, I wou... more

Social Media is the most effective way for loyal brand following in my opinion

Ben Ibarra | Since everybody is glued to their phones and are drifting away from the traditional ways of customer engagement and TV, i believe social media and brand loyalty are interlinked, and I love the way this article gives tips on it as it is the new median... more

Top Businesses Use Advocacy, Loyalty, and Referrals to Grow in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Advocacy, loyalty, and referrals solutions help companies actively encourage loyalty among their customers. Many businesses implement these.... more

Customer Trust: Its Importance to Your Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Customer trust is the center of every customer relationship. Trust increases customer loyalty, boosts referrals, and increases sales. Trust makes or breaks a business’s longevity.What is customer trust?Trust is an individual’s ability to... more

Your Data is a Roadmap for Customer Success

Madeleine Helme | Data and analytics gives you the chance to gain a solid understanding the customer journey taken with your brand, use it to your advantage.... more

Trust Us! E-Commerce Brands Need to Develop Trust

Madeleine Helme | There's no customer loyalty without an element of trust. It's as simple as that! Use these tips to develop trust for your e-commerce brand.... more