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Customer Loyalty in Small Business

Tasha Lower | As a consumer, starting a relationship with a young company and watching it grow into a more substantial player is always a delight. It can be satisfying to consider yourself having been on brand or on trend before others and inspire loyalty for a s... more

Keeping Customer Loyal: No Loyalty Program Required

Kathi Furman | Utilizing these tactics increases customer loyalty organically without breaking the bank, giving you a better return on investment.... more

Creating Customer Loyalty Is About More Than Data

Ashley Kaczmar | The beauty of data is that it's supposed to let us understand customers more. Yet, customers still feel that brands don't know them as well as they should.... more

Loyal customers reaction

Niya Dairo | Coming from the loyal customer's side of things, I feel this article is missing something. I don't think the article points out that most loyal customers just want to be known and heard. You can throw incentives at them all day long but let peo... more

How to Get Loyal Customers From Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | This might be hard to believe, but with social media, numbers don't mean everything. You need to interact with people in order to gain that loyalty.... more

How the Pros Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

Lana Moore | Are you looking for ways to turn your loyal customers into brand advocates? If so check out what the experts have to say in this article on MarTechExec.... more

Make Your Employees Think Customer-First

Ashley Kaczmar | Bad customer service leads to bad reviews. You need employees that are dedicated to making your customer's experience the absolute best. How do you do that?... more
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            CommercialTribe's video-based practice solves the hardest problem in sales, with one platform to boost training impact and sales effectiveness.... more

Are mentors the answer to creating awesome employees?

Hailee Franco | Let's be real. Every business hopes to have a team chalked full of amazing employees. But it can be hard to do this successfully, especially if you are hiring newly graduated candidates.  So what can you do to ensure you turn these bright... more

Having Employee Trust in the Work Place

Lee Hargrave | As my experience has led me to believe, you cannot have 13% employee engagement and expect to continue with growth.  You must create trust by employees and management alike.  Management must put some faith in its employees... more

Human Again Part 2: Deploying Personalization in E-Commerce

John Shieldsmith | Personalization is an incredibly powerful tool. This is especially true with e-commerce. But how do you go about picking a method? Start here.... more

What Big Mistake Did Uber Make with Brand Loyalty?

Ashley Kaczmar | "What you do to get them, you have to do to keep them." In this article, Sonia Thompson talks about how to build customer loyalty in a sustainable way.... more

Customer Relationships

Nia Francis | I completely agree with this article. When you treat customers with care, it will urge them to continue doing business with you. If I was part of a customer loyalty program, but the people working for that business didn't treat me respectfully, I wo... more

Social Media is the most effective way for loyal brand following in my opinion

Ben Ibarra | Since everybody is glued to their phones and are drifting away from the traditional ways of customer engagement and TV, i believe social media and brand loyalty are interlinked, and I love the way this article gives tips on it as it is the new media... more

Top Businesses Use Advocacy, Loyalty, and Referrals to Grow in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Advocacy, loyalty, and referrals solutions help companies actively encourage loyalty among their customers. Many businesses implement these.... more

Customer Trust: Its Importance to Your Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | A recommendation from a friend is far more powerful than your promise. Take the steps today to make customer trust a priority in your business strategy.... more

Trust Us! E-Commerce Brands Need to Develop Trust

Madeleine Helme | There's no customer loyalty without an element of trust. It's as simple as that! Use these tips to develop trust for your e-commerce brand.... more

Your Data is a Roadmap for Customer Success

Madeleine Helme | Data and analytics gives you the chance to gain a solid understanding the customer journey taken with your brand, use it to your advantage.... more

Are You on Life Support? Understanding the Customer Lifecycle

Kathi Furman | Successful businesses understand the entire customer lifecycle. They focus on the steps needed to make each lifecycle segment all about the customer.... more

How a Pair of Leggings Sparked a Debate About Customer Empathy

Hailee Franco | United Airlines allegedly prevented two women from boarding their flight due to leggings recently. So what does this say about empathy?... more

Should You Have an App for Your Retail Store?

Madeleine Helme | In this article, we consider how retail marketing benefits from mobile apps. Keep reading to discover whether your business needs one.... more

Branding the Halo Effect

Kathi Furman | Getting customers to like you in less-than-fine moments is nearly impossible. The secret is to create a halo effect.... more

Data Collection Tactics Your Customers Won't Hate You For

Lisa Callahan | According to research from Boxever , 60% of customers want marketing to relate to where they are and what they’re doing. Yet, 62% said they don’t want brands to track their location. These contradicting results epitomize the challenge we mar... more

Master CX Faster with Master Data Management

Lisa Callahan | As noted in the article, "End-to-end master data management helps clients make marketing campaigns 30% more efficient." Find out its benefits to CX here.... more

You Don't Know UX: Improve Your Website's User Experience

Hailee Franco | Nobody likes websites that are hard to use. Check out this Martech article for a few tips that are guaranteed to improve your website's user experience.... more

Living in a Mobile-First World: Reaching the Mobile Generation

Ashley Kaczmar | Creating content for mobile isn't an option anymore. How do you reach this mobile generation? With effective mobile marketing.... more

Is IoT the Most Important Trend in Marketing?

Hailee Franco | I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my relationship with my consumers. I want to make them feel like I am doing all I can for them to increase customer loyalty and retention.  And as marketing changes, I also have to change to... more

What Can Businesses Use SMS Marketing For?

Madeleine Helme | So you know that SMS marketing is a great way to reach your audience, but what do you say to them? Read on for a few ideas.... more

Make Them Rave About You: Turning Customers into Fans

Kathi Furman | Create and develop customers who are true raving fans of your brand. Turn your loyal customers into raving fans with these 5 ideas.... more

8 Ways to Create a Personalized Web Experience

Kathi Furman | Customers are businesses’ main focus, and personalized web experience shows customers you are paying attention to their actions, wants, and desires.... more

The Odyssey of Paid Advertising in the Buyer's Journey

Ashley Kaczmar | Grab your paid search campaigns and follow me on a trek through the buyer's journey. With this article, we're going to look at each stage.... more

Advantages of Customer Intelligence for Business

John Shieldsmith | Customer intelligence is an emerging and ever-growing force in marketing. With this power comes great responsibility, but even greater promise.... more

Every Breath You Take: Connecting Online and Offline Tracking

John Shieldsmith | Whether you’re looking to fill in the blanks of your demographic database, or find out how your campaign performed, proper offline tracking is a must.... more

A New Reality for Retail: AR and VR

Madeleine Helme | With more and more brands adopting virtual reality, retailers need to think about how they can implement the technology in their marketing to keep up.... more

Why You Need Mobile Point-of-Sale Systems

Madeleine Helme | Are mobile point-of-sale systems just a new fad in the retail world, or will they become the standard method of payment in the years to come?... more

Generation Y: Millennials and Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Don’t turn your back to the Millennial generation. Update your marketing strategy to increase brand loyalty and customer relationships.... more

Register for an Account vs. Check Out as a Guest

Madeleine Helme | Have you given a second thought to your online checkout system? Use these guidelines to determine if guest checkout or registration is best for sales.... more

Keeping Customers is Hard to Do

Hailee Franco | Retaining customers is easy. All you need is great customer service. Check out 5 ways you can keep your customers from walking away.... more

In-Store Events to Attract Customers and Drive Sales

Madeleine Helme | Hosting special in-store events create an exciting experience that attracts more customers to your store, while simultaneously raising brand awareness.... more

Using Beacon Analytics to Gain Insights on Your Customers

Madeleine Helme | Beacon analytics provide ways for these physical businesses to gain insights on their customers, giving your business a real edge on the competition.... more