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Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion rate optimization also know as CRO, increases the number of site visitors that convert to customers.  Businesses do this through the use of analytics and user feedback.... more

Mastering Conversion Rate Optimization

John Shieldsmith | Your site might look nice. And maybe it's even bringing in a lot of visitors. But is it performing where it counts? Conversion rate optimization is key.... more

Kick-Starting your Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts

Kathi Furman | Convincing customers to take action is a difficult task many businesses face. Conversion rate optimization is the key to success.... more

Get Rich Online: Conversion Rate Optimization Tips and Tricks

Hailee Franco | The difference between getting by online and getting rich could come down to three little words. Conversion Rate Optimization. Learn more in this article.... more

Conversion Rate

What is conversion rate? In simple terms, a conversion rate is the amount of people who complete a goal-oriented action. Marketers pull these rates from a single page, but other types exist in addition to this. The higher the conversation rate the... more

How to Boost E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Madeleine Helme | E-commerce conversion rates are low. Try following these tips to optimize your e-commerce store's conversion rate for better sales and profits.... more

5 Ways to Boost Online Conversion Rates

Madeleine Helme | Whatever the conversion rate on your e-commerce site, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few different types of tools you can use.... more

Don't Stand for Low E-Commerce Conversion Rates!

Madeleine Helme | E-commerce businesses' average conversion rate is just 2.78%. Get insight from industry experts here on how to improve your e-commerce conversion rates.... more

Make it Simple: Tips to Drive Conversion Rates

John Shieldsmith | The digital world is increasingly complex. Use these tips to make sure you offer the right experience, to boost your conversion rates.... more

Function Over Form: Driving Conversion Rates With Landing Pages

John Shieldsmith | Landing pages can be your best friend when it comes to driving conversion rates. They can also be a flop. Read on to make sure your landing page rocks.... more

Data democratization

Lulu Alex | I think data democratization overall could be a positive thing if it is approached from a right angle and with skepticism. It is also important to differentiate between what data should be shared and what data should be kept private. In some cases,... more

The Importance of Personalization in Marketing Strategy

Kathi Furman | Personalization is a valuable weapon. Take the time to integrate personalization in marketing strategies and see leads, conversions, and sales increase.... more

Optimizing Your Cloud Data Integration Strategy for 2017

Lisa Callahan | Cloud data integration, or simply cloud integration, utilizes the cloud to store and safeguard all your business’ data in a single place. Learn more here.... more

Data Democratization: Access For All

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Bernard Marr explains the ins and out of data democratization and how it may benefit your company.... more

Episerver aims to create autonomous personalization. A taste of the future?

John Shieldsmith | Last year Episerver acquired Peerius, an omnichannel personalization vendor. This was done in an effort to create what Episerver refers to as autonomous personalization. Episerver envisions a world where users can get information in real-time by app... more
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                  ,                         Management
            Project Management Software - great alternative to Microsoft Project covering project planning/tracking, overallocated resources, Gantt Chart... more

Demand Generation

What is demand generation? Demand generation also known as demand gen does exactly what it says - it generates demand. It creates demand for your business and what it is selling. It also creates demand generation involves any marketing activities pe... more

Collaboration Software

What is collaboration software? Collaboration software can be any tool that enables teams to share ideas and information. Businesses often use these tools in a single office, with remote workers, or between different companies. In addition to messag... more

Lead Generation

What is lead generation? Lead generation  finds potential customers, or "leads." It's the first step in the sales funnel.... more

6 Strategies to Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration

Kathi Furman | Improve your business’ success with increased cross-functional collaboration. Use these six strategies to guide you to successful implementation.... more

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

What is Integration Platform as a Service? Integration Platform as a Service also known as iPaaS  refers to cloud-based applications and data integration tools.iPaaS solutions bring together apps, tools, and systems together.As... more

Generation YouTube: Video Consumption Habits

John Shieldsmith | Every generation seems to consume video differently. YouTube has changed the game entirely. Curious about how each generation consumes video now?... more

Cloud Data Integration

What is cloud data integration? Cloud data integration  is the process of connecting programs in the cloud. These programs then share data with each other. Cloud data integration helps businesses manage all its data using one seamless workflow... more

The Next Generation of Lead Generation

Madeleine Helme | You've heard the saying that sometimes less is more. This is often the case with lead generation. Generate the right types of leads with these tips.... more

Generation Y: Millennials and Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Don’t turn your back to the Millennial generation. Update your marketing strategy to increase brand loyalty and customer relationships.... more

A case for collaboration. Should every team be an extension of marketing?

Hailee Franco | At my company, we have a no hierarchy approach. This means no one is anyone else's boss and we collaborate across every team to get work done. Every team is an extension of the other. We have found this method works for us. And it is working for oth... more

Flow vs. Collaboration: Be a Productive Powerhouse

Tim Ziegler | We live in a super-hyper-connected world. And it’s great, right? Collaboration is the name of the game.... more

Collaboration Software-Buyer's Checklist

Kathi Furman | Use these seven questions as a guide to start the conversation with potential vendors when purchasing collaboration software.... more

Generation Social Media is Closing the Generation Gap

Hailee Franco | When it comes to social media, one size definitely doesn't fit all. Find out how to close the generation gap and market smarter on social media.... more

Internal Competition Can Destroy Collaboration

Kathi Furman | It’s time for businesses to rethink the importance of internal competition and fully understand its impact on collaboration.... more

Maintaining Accurate Marketing Attribution

John Shieldsmith | It’s far from a science, and it can be messy, but over time you will be able to know why people are converting with accurate marketing attribution.... more

Inspiration Station: How to Find Blog Ideas

John Shieldsmith | Struggling to find blog ideas? It happens to the best of us. The key is knowing where to look, and what to look for. Let's get started.... more

Preparation and research

Carly Schultz | From using analytics tools to being rigorous in your research, there is a lot to be said for preparation. As I build my own presence, I would add to these the need to read as many articles like this as you can. I’m finding the ‘h... more

Challenges of Cloud Integration

Kathi Furman | Cloud integration presents businesses with many challenges. Plan ahead to make the transition a smooth process for your business.... more

Executives Guide to Seamless Collaboration

Lisa Callahan | Collaboration is the use of tools and processes teams use to work together. It involves integrating problems, solutions, tasks and goals.... more

Should marketing be aspirational and not transactional?

Hailee Franco | Recently HP's chief marketing and communications officer Antonio Lucio shared, "there has never been a more important time to be a marketer than today. But it can’t be transactional; it must be aspirational." I agree... more

Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation

Madeleine Helme | Want to save time and energy on your marketing lead generation? Implement inbound marketing for lead generation with these strategies.... more

Google, the Master of Data Generation

Bonnie Evans | Google is the king of data collection and they do it well. It's not so much about a data platform but rather data generation.... more

Co-Work it Out: Collaboration in a Co-Working Space

Lisa Callahan | Co-working spaces are the new black coffee. As these collaborative habits pop up in cities across the U.S., employees are taking notice.... more

Ultimate Efficiency: Sales Automation and You

John Shieldsmith | Most sales people spend less than one-third of their time selling. Make sure this isn't your team and implement sales automation today.... more