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Content Marketing for the Modern Customer Journey: A Guide for Marketers Willing to Walk the Walk

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The Double-Dip: Finding New Sources of Content Marketing

John Shieldsmith | When trying to think of a new piece of content, it can be easy to search far and wide. Your best sources however, are right underneath your nose.... more

Newsflash: Why You Need a Newsletter and How to Make One

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Planning is Key: Creating Your Content Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Lacking a content strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Read this article to make sure your content marketing starts off strong.... more

The Balancing Act: Tips for Not Being Too "Salesy" With Your Blog

John Shieldsmith | You want to use your blog to sell. But coming across too "salesy" in your blog can drive people away. Where do you even begin to strike a balance?... more

Too Many Cooks: 1,000,000 Content Marketing Tips

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The Blog Slog: How to Write Blogs in Under 60 Minutes

John Shieldsmith | In order for your content to get noticed, you need to create a lot of it. But blogging can be so time-consuming. Not if you follow these tips.... more

Holy Infographics, Batman! Content Marketing Visuals Galore

John Shieldsmith | There's nothing like a good content marketing infographic. But there are so many, where do you begin? Here are one author's top picks for the year so far.... more

Right Writing: Avoid These 12 Common Word Choice Mistakes

John Shieldsmith | Using one word when you mean another - it happens to the best of us. Here are 12 common word choice mistakes. Learn them and avoid them.... more

Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Stop Milking It and Start Loving It

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Say What: Refocusing Content Marketing on "Why"

John Shieldsmith | Too often our content marketing focuses on our brand first, and customer second (or third). It's time to shift your focus to the customer.... more

I Will Gain Leads, I Will Gain Leads: Lead Gen Mantras

John Shieldsmith | You need leads. But how do you get leads? Shady tactics? Blood sacrifice? What about some mantras for your site? That sounds good.... more

Writers: Stop Writing So Much

John Shieldsmith | We all write too much. This is marketing. There’s no room for fluff. As writers and marketers we need to write less, here's why.... more

What are Facebook Instant Articles

Kathi Furman | Make sure your content gets seen on Facebook by publishing on the Facebook Instant Articles platform. You will experience some of the benefits listed here.... more

Wasteful Marketing: Reusing Your Content

John Shieldsmith | Producing fresh content is time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a use for all of your old content marketing? Here are some ways you can recycle.... more

Content Blundering: 15 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

John Shieldsmith | Content marketing is a lot more than just blogging. A lot can go wrong with this seemingly-simple tactic. Avoid these 15 content marketing mistakes.... more

Shh: Organizing Your Content Like a Library

John Shieldsmith | You have a ton of content. Just when you think you have it organized, you realize you can't find what you need. How about organizing it like a library?... more

What Are You Doing? Defining Your Content Marketing Strategy

John Shieldsmith | The best content marketing all starts with the best content marketing strategy. Learning to define your content marketing strategy is key.... more

Stop What You're Doing, Start Content Marketing Now

John Shieldsmith | Content marketing is all the rage. It has been, and it will continue to be. So, why aren't you doing it? Read on to get in on the craze.... more

Making an Impact with These 4 Email Subject Line Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary "When it comes to email marketing, the phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but  how  you say it’ springs to mind."Getting the success you want with email marketing is trickier than it sounds. You need all the right components to come tog... more

Is It Time to Kill Gated Content

Hailee Franco | Gated content isn't dead, but it is dying. So it may be time to try new things. What new things? Find out in this article from Brad Smith.... more

Words Matter: The Most Effective Words for Email Marketing

Hailee Franco | Words matter, often more than you think. But you can turn a struggling email campaign into a thriving one with a simple grammar change. ... more

Posting content for mobile users

Gregory Samsa | Agreed, today many internet users check online on the go, be it at coffee shops, on the commute, or in slow periods at work or school. This is why it's important to craft content with mobile users in mind. The point about mobile users scanning websi... more

Do e-commerce businesses need their own day of the year?

Hailee Franco | Recently, Amazon had its annual Prime Day, where they spent 30 hours offering deals to all of their Prime customers. Its success was huge, with sales growing by more than 60% over the last year.  This event feels a lot like Cyber Monday an... more

Is it time for sports teams to get in on the martech game?

Hailee Franco | A recent study by Crowdynews found that over 86% of US adults identify as sports fans, with 24% describing their passion as “intense”. What's more, that same study found there are more than 4 billion football fans in the world al... more

Marketing Tips

Bobb Andrew | Marketing is ever changing and for a company to remain on top of its game it has to always be on the lookout for new innovative ways to market its products. Online marketing is the way to go as it has a wider reach and more faster reach than print m... more

What's good about content marketing?

Rashaad Dukes | I love the direction content marketing is heading. I think video is reshaping content marketing because of how widespread youtube has become. With youtube, you have the ability to reach massive amounts of people from all over the world. However... more


Julia Green | Agreed, cool ariticle. I think everyone who has been in marketing for a while is guilty of treating content poorly. It's so easy to push completed projects to the back of the mind when you have so many others to focus on. But you guys are right... more

This BuzzSumo headline study will make you flip out

John Shieldsmith | In case you haven't heard, BuzzSumo recently did a massive study on headlines and what makes them work - or not work.  Did any of their findings surprise you? Do you think these types of headline trends will fizzle out and be replaced any... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring Shana Haynie

Shana Haynie | Read up on what content marketing expert Shana Haynie predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring David Keane

David Keane | Read up on what content marketing expert David Keane predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe | Read up on what content marketing expert Anna Crowe predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring RaShea Drake

RaShea Drake | Read up on what content marketing expert RaShea Drake predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro | Read up on what content marketing expert Mark Shapiro predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Are You Making These Content Curation Mistakes?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Curating content is more than just finding an article to share or posting about any blog that you have written. There's a careful strategy that needs to be behind it in order for that content curation to be worth your time.In this article,... more

Curated Roundup of the Best Ecommerce News, Resources & Guides

Nicole Poncsak | Every month we try to put together a curated list of some of the most noteworthy ecommerce news, articles, apps, and resources that take place throughout the month, and this month we did just that. The purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to b... more

a 'wrong' right

Innocennt Onekanma | These days, manufacturers tend to override the product markerting with brand advertising. It's good to advertise your brand but this has become a setback as consumers tend to recognize less of the products and more of their names. I think the a... more

Selling a Personality

Matthew Witham | In our age of media, and the internet, selling products have been taking a whole new approach. Based on this article it seems that rather than purely selling a product, you are selling your personality, and the appraisal of others. In this article t... more

the driving force to stay important

Chime Beem | Having a driving force , storyline or as this article puts it a "why" behind you product or company can absolutely help bridge the connection to the consumers. Take for example flex watches, their why has completely driven an entire line a... more

Olapic acquiring Piqora

Ashley Kaczmar | Olapic acquired Piqora with the intention of integrating the product into the main platform.   Do you think it worked out well for them?... more

Gated Content

Gerald Pan | I personally do not like gated content at all. It is just plain annoying and not worth my time to view websites with gated content, those with ungated access to content are definitely winning nowadays. Hence because customer journeys are becom... more