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A/B Testing vs. Split Testing: Which is Better?

Kathi Furman | Marketers spend a great deal of time creating and publishing content to attract more website visitors. Their main goal is to generate leads for their sales teams. The best marketers know the quickest path to lead generation success is testing their... more

Sending the perfect email

Heather Nelson | The article stated that the best time and day to send your email depends on your goal, audience, and industry. This I believe is very true. Think of yourself on a Monday morning at work your goal is to eliminate all the clutter from last week a... more

interactive media

Heather Nelson | I love your ideas on ways to generate interactive advertisements. I feel that many consumers do avoid the regular ads and banners because they get used to seeing the same old thing every day. People who frequent social media several times a day... more

Are apps the answer for restaurants?

Hailee Franco | I love mobile apps! I mean, I am obsessed with them. As a millennial, I am constantly looking for ways to make my life easier and apps are one of the biggest ways I do that. Then recently as I was downloading my 1,000 app to do mobile ordering from... more

A case for collaboration. Should every team be an extension of marketing?

Hailee Franco | At my company, we have a no hierarchy approach. This means no one is anyone else's boss and we collaborate across every team to get work done. Every team is an extension of the other. We have found this method works for us. And it is working for oth... more

Is a researcher's mind required in the content world?

Hailee Franco | As a content marketer, I am always looking for the newest and best content ideas. I scour the internet from blogs to social media to see what is trending. I keep notes of what I found. I try to be picky. But is this enough to ensure I always have so... more

How Can Startups Find Funding in Today's Market?

Hailee Franco | It seems like every year more startups are created by entrepreneurs with a dream...and not a lot of funding. And while they may have the best business idea in the industry, if they don't have the money to back it up, they won't ever be successful.&a... more

Attracting users with app designs

Gregory Samsa | I agree wholeheartedly with your article. I've downloaded several apps before based solely on how aesthetically pleasing the visual icon of the app was in the store. This makes more of a difference for brand new releases due to the lack of user revi... more

Posting content for mobile users

Gregory Samsa | Agreed, today many internet users check online on the go, be it at coffee shops, on the commute, or in slow periods at work or school. This is why it's important to craft content with mobile users in mind. The point about mobile users scanning websi... more

Archaic websites are a turn off for customers

Gregory Samsa | As an avid online shopper, archaic websites with outdated designs and hard-to-navigate layouts present a massive obstacle to purchasing products and/or services online. Even if the website is secure (as much as can be in this day and age), if i... more

Salary or benefits? What matter most to your employees?

Hailee Franco | When it comes to recruiting the best talent, companies are scrambling to find a happy medium between salary and benefits. Not knowing which to put more emphasis on when it comes to their business.  And this is largely because what one empl... more

Is Whole Foods Destined to Lose Their Identity?

Hailee Franco | If you are like me, then you were surprised when you heard that Amazon had acquired Whole Foods. But then you were more than likely excited. Home delivery of your favorite Kombucha? Yes, please! But this acquisition does come with its challenges.&a... more

Is page load time affecting your business?

Hailee Franco | How long does it take for your website to load? 1 second, 2 seconds? Or is it longer? Well if it's more than 5 seconds you may start to lose customers.  I am one of those consumers who wants the website I am visiting to load fast. I am bus... more

Are we entering an age of holistic thinking?

Hailee Franco | Recently I stumbled upon an interview with Progress VP Tom Berger, who created the CMS Sitefinity. In the interview, he discusses what the biggest obstacles facing marketers are today. He shared that he believes, "Marketers need to transition... more

Do e-commerce businesses need their own day of the year?

Hailee Franco | Recently, Amazon had its annual Prime Day, where they spent 30 hours offering deals to all of their Prime customers. Its success was huge, with sales growing by more than 60% over the last year.  This event feels a lot like Cyber Monday an... more

Is it time for sports teams to get in on the martech game?

Hailee Franco | A recent study by Crowdynews found that over 86% of US adults identify as sports fans, with 24% describing their passion as “intense”. What's more, that same study found there are more than 4 billion football fans in the world al... more

Marketing Tips

Bobb Andrew | Marketing is ever changing and for a company to remain on top of its game it has to always be on the lookout for new innovative ways to market its products. Online marketing is the way to go as it has a wider reach and more faster reach than print m... more

Email Marketing Success

Rashaad Dukes | I agree completely with this. I think you should try and market to as many as possible but put alot of the time if not the all of it into trying to please the people who actually care. You should know all your potential buyers and their likes and di... more

What's good about content marketing?

Rashaad Dukes | I love the direction content marketing is heading. I think video is reshaping content marketing because of how widespread youtube has become. With youtube, you have the ability to reach massive amounts of people from all over the world. However... more

Hubspot is on the hunt

Ashley Kaczmar | "The marketing software firm plans to give away $100,000 to an aspiring founder as part of its #SummerStartup competition. Anyone from the U.S., the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia can enter the competition by posting a description of t... more

Propago declares triple-digit growth thanks to web-to-print market

John Shieldsmith | Propago, a cloud-based asset management firm, said they're projecting triple-digit growth due to the web-to-print market.  This came as a shock to me, as I'm sure it does many of you not in the web-to-print industry. What do you think acc... more

Shotfarm's CEO believes content ownership is key for retail - thoughts?

John Shieldsmith | Shotfarm's CEO, Mike Lapchick, says that content ownership is key for brands wanting to create content for Walmart. He believes companies simply have too many channels to properly ensure things like product descriptions are always factual and not i... more


Julia Green | Agreed, cool ariticle. I think everyone who has been in marketing for a while is guilty of treating content poorly. It's so easy to push completed projects to the back of the mind when you have so many others to focus on. But you guys are right... more

PageCloud closes $4 million series A. What differentiates the sinkers from swimmers?

John Shieldsmith | Late last year, PageCloud managed to score $8.5 million in funding, with $4 million coming in series A.  This is awesome for PageCloud, which is definitely an innovative platform. But with so many martech companies springing up, what do y... more

BoldGrid works on top of WordPress to make it easier. A martech sandwich?

John Shieldsmith | WordPress, the CMS that everyone has heard of, is known by many as an accessible way to break into website building. But, BoldGrid decided to make it even easier and more customizable. The end result is their solution, which works on top of the Wor... more

Orckestra acquired by Mediagrif.

John Shieldsmith | Ockestra, the provider of omnichannel commerce solutions, was recently acquired by Mediagrif, a leader in information technology and owner of several web and mobile platforms. While the two companies are in different niches of the martech ... more

Axtria shooting for $250 million in revenue in next 8 years

John Shieldsmith | As detailed in this article , Axtria is hoping to increase their revenue to $250 million within eight years.  They're already bringing in huge numbers: $50 million.  This had me wondering - what do you think makes certain compani... more

Content marketing without the risk of damaging SEO?

John Shieldsmith | Earlier this year BrightEdge unveiled their ContentIQ technology , which lets content marketers run content through test servers before publishing it. This lets them make sure their content won't hurt their SEO efforts in any way before going live.&... more

Searchmetrics' study shows links losing importance, content is king

John Shieldsmith | A study published by Searchmetrics on Google ranking factors shows that backlinks aren't as heavily influential in a site's rank. On the other hand, content is becoming more and more important to Google ranking.  With content marketing a... more

OfferCraft's CEO praises gamification in mobile marketing. Is he right?

John Shieldsmith | Aron Ezra, the CEO of OfferCraft, talks mobile marketing trends in this interview . He focuses heavily on gamification and how effective it is, especially due to the rise of mobile gaming. I play mobile games daily, so I love gamification of anythi... more

CrossEngage's CEO talks marketing clouds

John Shieldsmith | According to this interview , Manuel Hinz thinks marketing clouds are on their way out. Well, for most businesses anyway.  Do you think he's right? Do their data models make them inherently slow?  Let me know what you think!&... more

The company behind WordPress shut its doors

John Shieldsmith | Did you hear about the Automattic offices in San Francisco? Everybody stopped coming to work so they shut down . Because they're almost all remote now.  Are your offices pushing toward a remote culture? Or are you already remote? Those of... more

This BuzzSumo headline study will make you flip out

John Shieldsmith | In case you haven't heard, BuzzSumo recently did a massive study on headlines and what makes them work - or not work.  Did any of their findings surprise you? Do you think these types of headline trends will fizzle out and be replaced any... more

Single page sites are perfect for targeting a specific audience

lening moses | Yes. I agree with you. I am a small business owner and I recently created a single page site to market my products for a target audience. The results exceeded my expectations. My conversion rates improved by more than 20% and I got new customers but... more

Selling a Personality

Matthew Witham | In our age of media, and the internet, selling products have been taking a whole new approach. Based on this article it seems that rather than purely selling a product, you are selling your personality, and the appraisal of others. In this article t... more

why its ignored

Tanya Latna | I think the problem is in the bad advertisement of the created video. The user should share additional links of video in different kinds of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, I agree that video should be short and give maximum info in t... more

Marketing Automation

Tanya Latna | I like this idea. It gives something new to the project and gives the ability to grow and develop it with more better way. Now I'm studying automation and hope to use it in future. Problem is that unfortunately very high level of automation... more

Shit Websites

Sandra Harriette | The information age is the age of anything goes, even if it looks like shit; and I think many of us have stumbled upon a shit website that was supposed to be an authority resource for a problem and only ended up being an eye-sore. There are others t... more

The Only Emails I Prefer to Receive

Sandra Harriette | They are not usually marketing emails, and I know it's all the hype about email marketing these days, which feels kind of ironic for me to say aloud. A reset password link, a notification of a message on a third-party platform, a response from a sup... more

the driving force to stay important

Chime Beem | Having a driving force , storyline or as this article puts it a "why" behind you product or company can absolutely help bridge the connection to the consumers. Take for example flex watches, their why has completely driven an entire line a... more