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Marketing Automation: The Key to Startup Success

John Shieldsmith | Life as a startup isn't easy. You're competing against companies with years of marketing know-how. Marketing automation can change all of that.... more

Cashing In: Turning Your Email List Into Cash

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing can be a great driver of brand awareness. But with a few tweaks, it can be an excellent driver of revenue. Here's how to get started.... more

The Double-Dip: Finding New Sources of Content Marketing

John Shieldsmith | When trying to think of a new piece of content, it can be easy to search far and wide. Your best sources however, are right underneath your nose.... more

Newsflash: Why You Need a Newsletter and How to Make One

John Shieldsmith | Newsletters? Aren't those like, so last decade? Actually, newsletters can be extremely beneficial. Read on to learn how and why!... more

Planning is Key: Creating Your Content Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Lacking a content strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Read this article to make sure your content marketing starts off strong.... more

Automate It: How Marketing Automation Can Boost Sales

John Shieldsmith | Marketing automation is good for a lot more than turning menial tasks into a thing of the past. It can actually drive your sales in a big way.... more

The Balancing Act: Tips for Not Being Too "Salesy" With Your Blog

John Shieldsmith | You want to use your blog to sell. But coming across too "salesy" in your blog can drive people away. Where do you even begin to strike a balance?... more

Just Add Water: Tip to Growing Your Email List

John Shieldsmith | You know your brand could benefit from email marketing. But, you don't have an email list. Let's tackle how you can grow that list.... more

Too Many Cooks: 1,000,000 Content Marketing Tips

John Shieldsmith | Everyone is doing content marketing, and everyone has content marketing tips. Read this article to learn how to differentiate yourself.... more

The Blog Slog: How to Write Blogs in Under 60 Minutes

John Shieldsmith | In order for your content to get noticed, you need to create a lot of it. But blogging can be so time-consuming. Not if you follow these tips.... more

Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Everyone wants to rank high on Google's search engine. Enter social media. Find out how to best use it to improve your SEO ranking.... more

Kill the Static: The Rise of Interactive Content

John Shieldsmith | It's 2017. Shouldn't your content be exciting? Shouldn't you be making interactive content? (Hint: Yes, and yes) Read on to learn how!... more

Backlinks: Why You Need 'Em and How to Get 'Em

John Shieldsmith | Backlinks play a huge role in your site's ranking. But how do you go about getting them? Read on to learn why you need them, and how to land them.... more

The Lost Ones: Regain Customers With Browse Abandonment Emails

John Shieldsmith | Ahh, the one that got away. We all have one - or a few thousand - in email marketing. Use abandonment emails to get them back.... more

Pop-Ups Everywhere: The Dangers of Overlay Elements

John Shieldsmith | It can be tempting to bombard users with tons of pop ups. They have to cave eventually, right? Actually, overlay elements can be quite dangerous.... more

Look Into My Eyes and Click the CTA: Email Conversion 101

John Shieldsmith | Getting people to open an email is one thing. Getting them to read it? That's another story. Check out these tips on email conversion.... more

The Right Stuff: Sending Google the Right Signals

John Shieldsmith | Everyone wants to get the attention of Google. Google is like the popular kid in your class... that has the power to make or break you.... more

Yoast Shares Ways to Improve Your Site Structure

Hailee Franco | If you use WordPress then you know Yoast. But did you their knowledge goes beyond SEO keywords? Let them help you improve site structure with this article.... more

Climbing to Page One: 5 SEO Best Practices

John Shieldsmith | There's no one-and-done solution for SEO. It's a mixed bag, through and through. Here are five best practices to get you headed toward page one.... more

Dressed to Impress: Tips for Image SEO

John Shieldsmith | Image SEO? That doesn't matter, right? Actually, it does. A lot. Google Image searches are the second most popular search in the US.... more

Holy Infographics, Batman! Content Marketing Visuals Galore

John Shieldsmith | There's nothing like a good content marketing infographic. But there are so many, where do you begin? Here are one author's top picks for the year so far.... more

Right Writing: Avoid These 12 Common Word Choice Mistakes

John Shieldsmith | Using one word when you mean another - it happens to the best of us. Here are 12 common word choice mistakes. Learn them and avoid them.... more

Content Marketing: 3 Tips to Stop Milking It and Start Loving It

John Shieldsmith | Content marketing is all about content. But are you getting all you can from your content? Or is there a better way? Actually, there is.... more

Say What: Refocusing Content Marketing on "Why"

John Shieldsmith | Too often our content marketing focuses on our brand first, and customer second (or third). It's time to shift your focus to the customer.... more

Change It Up: Fitting Your SEO Strategy to Your Business Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Is your SEO strategy static? Well, that's gotta change. And fast. It's time to change your SEO strategy to fit your business model.... more

I Will Gain Leads, I Will Gain Leads: Lead Gen Mantras

John Shieldsmith | You need leads. But how do you get leads? Shady tactics? Blood sacrifice? What about some mantras for your site? That sounds good.... more

Mobile Search: Optimization No Longer Optional

John Shieldsmith | Mobile optimization used to be optional. Now? It's essential. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile search with these tips.... more

Everything Hurts: Recovering from a Google Update

John Shieldsmith | Did the recent Google update wreck your ranking? Your authority? Well fear not, you can fix it. Start here with the basics.... more

Writers: Stop Writing So Much

John Shieldsmith | We all write too much. This is marketing. There’s no room for fluff. As writers and marketers we need to write less, here's why.... more

App Store Optimization: Ensure Your App is App Store Ready

Hailee Franco | To get found in app stores and set your app apart from the rest, it is important to optimize your app. How can you do that? App store optimization.... more

What are Facebook Instant Articles

Kathi Furman | Make sure your content gets seen on Facebook by publishing on the Facebook Instant Articles platform. You will experience some of the benefits listed here.... more

Leading them Home: Lead Gen with Blogs

John Shieldsmith | Your blogs bring a lot of pizazz to your site. But do they generate leads? They should be. Use these tips to turn your blogs into lead gen machines.... more

Do Single Page Websites Hurt SEO?

John Shieldsmith | Single page websites are all the rage. But are they killing their SEO by following this fashionable trend? Read on to find out!... more

You, Read, Now: Email Etiquette Lessons for 2017

John Shieldsmith | No matter your brand's voice, email etiquette is always important. Nobody likes a rude marketer. Here are tips for refining your etiquette.... more

Site Not Found: SEO Tips from Neil Patel

John Shieldsmith | SEO tips are a dime-a-dozen. Neil Patel SEO tips? Those are a bit more precious. Here are some tips from the one, the only.... more

AI, SEO, OMG: Experts Weigh In on AI's Role in SEO

John Shieldsmith | The world of SEO is a wild one as is. AI looks to shakes things up with SEO even more. See where the experts weigh in here!... more

Wasteful Marketing: Reusing Your Content

John Shieldsmith | Producing fresh content is time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a use for all of your old content marketing? Here are some ways you can recycle.... more

Subject to Change: Boosting Open Rates with New Subject Lines

John Shieldsmith | Are your open rates in the hole? Well, get them out of there! Use these subject line tips to boost your open rates in no time!... more

Why We Need Flat Design

Tim Ziegler | Flat design ain't just an aesthetic trend - there's a good reason for it. Learn why in this article from Ali Kapadia on Medium.... more

Old School Cool: Why Tables Are Still Relevant in Emails

John Shieldsmith | Many think tables are outdated and don't have a place in emails anymore. Read on to learn why they should still be in your emails.... more