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Wedgecommerce allows centralizing eCommerce on Salesforce with beautiful storefront and magnificent checkout page. This effective application can be used to combine data warehousing and Customer Relationship Management allowing self-service portals.Powered with Wedgecommerce, you can create an eCommerce built native on Salesforce. This gives a new way to the concept of traditional marketing with buyer retention by using single and independent application.Key Features:

* User registration & Login.

* Multiple Payment gateways.

* Category & Product Management.

* Real time order generation

* Shipment Tracking & Tax management

* Impressive Storefront with the easily accessible back-end.Benefits:

* Automate the whole process.

* Scale down the pain of hosting a site.

* Contribute the concept of Target marketing.

* Reduces human error & eliminates data duplication.

* Establish an objective for the better picture of traditional sales.

WedgeCommerce, an online shopping cart based CRM which automatize the process of sales, marketing, and support in a single platform. This helps in managing of products, their orders, and customers combining with Salesforce. Therefore the application contributes a single platform with the concept of eCommerce in Salesforce providing a native B2C notion.Few additional features:

* Dynamic Dashboard

* Single Page & Guest Checkout

* eBay & Amazon Connector

* Supported Multiple Product Types (Simple & Configurable )

* Stripe, Paypal, PayU Payment Gateways

* Supplier Concept

* Cart & Wishlist Functionalities

* Shipping methods & Taxes

* Offline Payment Methods

* Product Options & Features

* Customer Registration & Login

* Image Banner Slider

* Multiple Images With Zoom Functionality

* Customize Template

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