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gShift’s vision is to change the way people monitor, measure and report on brand discoverability in search, social and mobile. Content marketing will continue to be at the core of digital marketing and gShift is committed to bringing to market the innovation marketers require to measure the impact and engagement of content investments across channel and through the sales funnel. 

The gShift platform includes three primary modules:

SEO - Keyword and content research, global/local/mobile visibility, competitive analysis and actionable insights via customizable dashboards and configurable SEO reporting.

kontextURLs - Measure the engagement of your content anywhere; onsite, off-site or offline. A smart URL system, combining short URLs, unlimited tags and cookies to enable the tracking, reporting and optimization of omni-channel content campaigns. 

Influencer Marketing - Find influencers, manage campaigns and track engagement to optimize and realize an ROI.

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