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220 NW 8th Avenue, USA/Tuval 30, Ramat Gan, Israe
Portland, Oregon 97209 United States

Founded: 2012

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Cooladata Full Stack Analytics is the only solution to provide analytics and a fully managed Data Warehouse. With Google Analytics you track sessions. With Cooladata you track people. You track the entire customer journey in the form of events. These events can be online+client-side (clicks, pageviews, conversions, mouse hovers, page scrolling, approved/declined credit card transactions, email opens/clicks, CRM activities) online+server-side (404 error pages, declined credit cards) and offline (sales, trade show activities, TV/radio ads, log files, QR codes, paper coupons).

Cooladata makes it really easy to import all these events from multiple sources (web, mobile, social) into the platform, which lets marketers visualize all the events in a customer journey. This way, marketers can see that Jane found a brand on Twitter in June, visited their blog in July, subscribed to it in August, downloaded a whitepaper in September, talked to a sales rep in October, etc.


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