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Identity management and entitlement solutions that help you connect to your online customers and drive engagement and revenue.

10Duke provides a set of composable services, delivered as RESTful APIs, that allow companies to extend the core capabilities of their online application quickly and easily. The APIs cover capabilities such as Single Sign-On (SSO), federated identity management, content paywalls and metering, identity-based licensing for software, and cloud-based file management and conversion.

Used independently or in concert, 10Duke APIs offers its customers significant shortcuts in delivering innovative applications that can compete and scale.

10Duke APIs have been used to create award-winning online applications across a variety of industries including education, construction and media for customers such as Rovio (Angry Birds), the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the BBC, Trimble, Unilever, Arsenal Football Club, Maserati, Volvo and more.

10Duke Offerings

10Duke Identity Provider

10Duke Identity Provider

The 10Duke Identity Provider is a white-label service that provides your online customers and partners with single sign-on (SSO) access to all of your online products and services. The 10Duke Identity Provider Service and API is a robust and proven technical solution, serving as an Identity Provider for millions of end users worldwide. Features standards-based, supports key standard protocols including OpenID, SAML, and OAuth supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and federated identity common 3rd party Identity Providers can be used, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc. supports a large number of Internet and Enterprise Identity Provider environments including AD, Azure AD, LDAP and more. more Benefits reduces your internal costs of customer management as customers are able to reset passwords, and access applications themselves enables a single 'view' of the customer to be maintained in sync by a variety of integrated applications dramatically enhances the ease with which a customer can access your online products and services provides detailed usage data on customer behaviour that can be turned into actionable business intelligence to increase sales.

10Duke Entitlement Service

10Duke Entitlement Service

The 10Duke Entitlement Service allows you to take control of the delivery and licensing of your digital products. It provides an engine to manage customer access to any type of online content such as a game app, news content, video assets or software applications. Working with a Licensing as a Service (LaaS) provider can offer software vendors many advantages over developing a licensing engine in-house. These range from being able to support a wide variety of license models and application types to getting immediate access to a best-of-breed solution that you pay for monthly or based on what you use. LaaS providers are able to overcome many, if not all, of the limitations created by more traditional licensing methods such as dongles and offer software publishers a more flexible and effective means of monetizing their software products quickly and easily. Features Can be used for digital content offerings such as online news content or online software applications. Provides versatile license model support, from hardware-locked models to subscription based, online licensing. Supports complex authorisation requirements for large companies using role-based authorisation. Provided as an online API with supporting documentation to allow your development team to quickly extend the capabilities of your existing product line. Benefits Enhance your customer's experience by accurately delivering the products they have licensed. Improve fulfillment with dynamic license activation. Be able to offer reconciliation and delivery of appropriate entitlements from ecommerce and CRM applications. Be able to monitor and administer fulfilment in real-time. More.

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