It's Not Sexy, but You Need to Talk to Your Clients About Money

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how to get clients to take the test??!

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Can you attract your first clients on social media?

bruce J.stevenson | I'm interested as to what everyone thinks about this. I pose the question because I've experience varied success on the matter. I do agree that it is all about building relationships. If you can use your social media presence to connect with yo... more

You're Fired: Is it Time to Say Goodbye to a Client?

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Click the Comment Button: Increasing Instagram Comments

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Holly Jolly Holiday Sales: Top Audience Segments to Target

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Small Budget, Big Content: Tips for Efficient Content Marketing

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Data Scientist

What is a data scientist? A data scientist is a person who uses a handles advanced sets of data. They usually have a wide variety of skills, including calculus, statistics and engineering. Data scientists use these skills during... more

You're Invited! Making Events the Center of Your ABM Strategy

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20 Elements of a Successful Project Management Plan

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Selling Scientifically with the Help of AI

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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Data Scientist Candidates

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The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: Scoring AI's Impact on Marketing Technology with Comments from Experts

Lana Moore | The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing, Part III Scoring AI's Impact on Marketing Technology with Comments from Experts Delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience isn’t really a goal.  Goals are statements that you... more


What are Micro-Moments? Micro-moments are those small interactions we make digitally every day. These include looking at social media, checking email and doing a Web search at the same time. Increasingly, we set our buying decisions and opinions in... more

The Experts Decide on Key SEO Elements for a Website

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Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Facebook Events

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E-Commerce Site Tips: Proven Elements

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We Want Mobile-First Micro-Moments Right Now!

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Are You Using the Right Treatments for Ad Fatigue?

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Checkmate: Using Intermediate Payments to Win Sales

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6 Critical Components of a Big Data Strategy

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Data scientists are the star athletes of the martech landscape

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Essential Elements of a Successful Video Ad

Madeleine Helme | While there is no set formula for a successful and shareable video ad, there are a few key elements that some of the most successful ones share.... more

Too many data scientists, not enough jobs

Lisa Callahan | So, check this out: "On any given day there are about 450 job postings for data professionals coming from every kind of company." That came from an article about RapidMiner partnering up with Experfy. The goal there is so make hiring dat... more

Running events to boost physical store sales

Gregory Samsa | Online commerce has definitely put a dent on in-store sales over the past years and will likely continue to do so well into the future. Running in-store events is a great way to establish customer presence inside a physical store though. Many compan... more

How people curse at chat support agents

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In-Store events are so important!

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4 Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile

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What Events, Meetings and Webinars Can Do for Your Marketing Operations

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In-Store Events to Attract Customers and Drive Sales

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Getting the Right Measurements On Your PR

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Adwords. Ad Groups. Campaigns. Bid Adjustments, Etc: Learning to Speak Search Advertising Google-ese

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Above the Belt: Elements to Place Above the Fold

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Uncovering the 4 Core Elements of AI

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Agile 411: Experiments vs. Optimizations vs. Tests

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