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Uncovering the 4 Core Elements of AI

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Bob Friday from InfoWorld takes you "under the hood" to take a peek at the four foundational elements of AI.... more

Immortal Combat: The Battle to Bring Bots to Life

Lisa Callahan | Our customers' demands for more human-like bots are stronger than ever before. And what the customer wants, the customer gets.... more

Design on the Mind: Mixing Art and Science in BI

Lisa Callahan | "When it comes to developing a BI model, too much emphasis is often placed on data." Find out why this author believes great BI lies in a mixed approach.... more

Once More, with Feeling: EQ Meets IQ in AI

Lisa Callahan | EQ, IQ and AI: Together, the acronyms form a trifecta for modern marketers. Read this article and get in touch with both your bot and non-bot sides.... more

Differentiating Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trent Jonas | In order to master data science as a whole, you need (at least) a working knowledge of the interplay between statistics, machine learning, and data science.... more

Bots are People, Too: Branded AI is on its Way

Lisa Callahan | Bots are on the fast track to becoming more human than we humans ourselves. Branded AI will allow businesses to give a voice to their brand -- literally.... more

Friend, Not Foe: AI and How It Can Help Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | AI isn't the boogeyman. In fact, it can be a huge asset, especially in email marketing. Read on to learn how AI can help you, email marketer.... more

Step Aside, Siri: Business-Based Machine Learning is Here to Stay

Lisa Callahan | With time, machine learning will expand beyond consumer applications and become an innate feature of data-driven businesses.... more

Stop Treating Big Data Like a Monster Under the Bed

Lisa Callahan | Why do businesses avoid creating a big data strategy? Because they fear what they don't understand. We know big data looks ominous, but it doesn't have to.... more

I Think, Therefore I Am Data: Opinion Mining 101

Lisa Callahan | Opinion mining is the latest and greatest advancement in the data science field. With it, customer opinions are turned into actionable data.... more

Love at First Ping: Why Chatbot Fever is Waning

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Cleary lists six ways in which chatbots will lose their appeal in the coming years — after the tool's "honeymoon period" comes to an end.... more

Staying Savvy – Utilizing Business Intelligence in 2017

John Shieldsmith | Business intelligence is an umbrella term for any application, tech, or practice that can be used to collect, analyze, and present information.... more

Data Democratization: Access For All

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Bernard Marr explains the ins and out of data democratization and how it may benefit your company.... more

From Startup to Enterprise: Segmenting Customer Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, David Blankley walks you through 8 different ways to segment your customer data -- whether it's basic, advanced, or somewhere in between.... more

Startups are Embracing Big Data, and It's Paying Off

Lisa Callahan | You may think that only mature companies can do big data well. Yet, startups are the ones "driving significant changes" in the big data field.... more

Marketing is the Brainchild of Numbers and Words

Lisa Callahan | I've got news for you, marketers: Numbers and words aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, successful marketing requires logic gleaned from statistics.... more

Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use AI

Tim Ziegler | Artificial Intelligence can actually help you find candidates to hire. How? It's being incorporated into your talent acquisition technologies.... more

IT Gets By With a Little Help from Our Machines

Lisa Callahan | What can the IT industry learn from marketers? In this article, one IT pro discusses four ways in which machine learning can alleviate industry-wide pains.... more

Chronicles of a Chatbot

Tim Ziegler | Follow the story of a chatbot from design to release, with all the lessons learned in this article from Nextup AI on Medium.... more

A Primer on AI Toolkits

Tim Ziegler | Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing, y'know, and you can be smarter than all your friends by reading this article about AI toolkits.... more

Why Bots will Disrupt the Whole BI Ecosystem

Tim Ziegler | BI used to be all about reporting.Throw in the advent of bots, and BI is about to get a serious power-up. So how are bots changing the BI ecosystem?... more

How AI Works: A Visual Guide to Machine Learning

Tim Ziegler | AI and machine learning are all the rage. Here's a great introduction to how it works, with specific examples that include clear visual illustrations.... more

Data Doomsday Preppers: Identifying Project Problems Before They Start

Lisa Callahan | By looking at your faulty data science project from an objective point-of-view, you enable yourself to give self-critique.... more

To Chatbot or not to Chatbot?

Madeleine Helme | Chatbots can provide a lot of value to a business and its customers. You should know what this value will be in your case, rather than jumping right in.... more

Google, the Master of Data Generation

Bonnie Evans | Google is the king of data collection and they do it well. It's not so much about a data platform but rather data generation.... more

Google's New AI can Learn Almost as Fast as a Human, Whoa

Bonnie Evans | Summary Oh snap! Google just made an AI that can think almost as fast as humans. I mean definitely faster than me on a Sunday morning, but still.So here's how it works:Learning works by layers of information connecting and relating to each other b... more

Big Data is Beautiful: Better Web Design Using Analysis

Lisa Callahan | This article outlines five ways you can utilize your big data during the web design process, including heat map analysis, traffic analysis and more.... more

Everything You Think You Know About Data is Wrong

Lisa Callahan | These five assumptions about data are as pervasive as they are, well, completely false. Are you guilty of any? Scott Brinker is about to tell you.... more

Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Data Scientist Candidates

Lisa Callahan | When hiring a data scientist, you want to ensure you go about it the right way. Turning down the right candidate could be an irreparable mistake.... more

Uniting Analysts and Engineers in a Cohesive Data Team

Lisa Callahan | Uniting your different data forces in one cohesive team ensures neither data scientists' nor data engineers' individual efforts go to waste.... more

AI in Business: Robot-Run Marketing is Going Mainstream

Lisa Callahan | Read to discover how Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the marketing landscape and making marketers' jobs easier than ever before.... more

Make Smart Product Recommendations With Collaborative Filtering

Madeleine Helme | Collaborative filtering is the smartest way to get your products in front of consumers -- in a way they simply can't resist. Keep reading to find out more.... more

Don't Ignore Your Customer Data, Aggregate It

Madeleine Helme | Understanding customer journeys is key to effectively marketing to your audience. Data aggregation helps you see the whole picture.... more

Powerful AI Marketing Trends to Keep on Your Radar

Lisa Callahan | Summary Plenty of you marketers "are still struggling to make the jump from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital.'" And according to this article, the pressure is on to catch up.Why? Because your competitors have already taken the "quantum lea... more

AI for the Average Guy and Gal: 12 Terms Defined

Lisa Callahan | Summary Think you can bypass AI 101 and get along just fine? Joke's on you, buddy.As much as we wish we could download knowledge to our brains, we can't (yet). And that means the age-old practice of reading, watching and learning is all on you.But... more

The Future of AI for Marketing featuring Sanjay Castelino

Sanjay Castelino | Sanjay Castelino is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report. Here's the complete contribution: Decades of science fiction have trained us to believe machines will eventu... more

CMO's Smoothie: Blending Data and Creative Design

Lisa Callahan | In this article, David Steinberg from Adweek nails down four guidelines you need to follow to succeed as a modern CMO (Read: Superhero).... more

It's Not About How to Use Big Data — It's Why

Lisa Callahan | Ashley Stirrup from DZone describes the "myriad [of] new opportunities" surrounding the field of big data — plus a few hurdles they've yet to overcome.... more

The path to lifelike bots

Sarah Thielland | As I've stated in a comment before, chatbots are a great way to correspond but they do always feel, well, bot-like. Of course they are actually bots but for them to become a more mainstream way of contact, they need to be tweaked, and have some feat... more

It works to be a multi~tasker

Pamela Dunn | If you have a short attention span then it does no good to try to multi-task. Focusing on one thing is one thing but focusing on a few or several is a totally different scene. With so many options on the internet it is difficult to maintain focus on... more