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To be successful do sales and marketing need to communicate?

Hailee Franco | At my office, we work in a collaborative environment. Every team is working together to ensure that all ever project we do is done with not only our users in mind but the other departments. This has helped make us more effective overall while improv... more

How to Build a Community of Brand Advocates With Smart Content

Anna Rachel Rich | Learn how to develop advocate communities, build user-generated content programs and turn negative perceptions into healthy online dialogue.... more

You Need Your Brand Community to Survive

Ashley Kaczmar | Brands need a community following to thrive these days. More and more, people are looking for a connection with the brands they purchase from.... more

How Marketing Masters Use Online Communities and Reviews to Dominate Their Industry

Ashley Kaczmar | Community and reviews relates to discussion of your brand online by customers and anyone else who has interacted with your brand in some way.... more

Importance of Online Communities and Reviews

Devis Michel | Online communities and reviews provide consumers with an excellent resource for information on the product or service they are interested in purchasing. Good marketers should always keep an eye out for opportunities to illicit customer feedback... more

Martech Consolidation vs Diversification: Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

Sara Sousa | Summary The martech landscape is as vibrant ever, but will all these new solutions trying to navigate uncharted territory, we start to wonder if marketing technology will consolidate.Scott Brinker explains his thoughts on the future of the martech... more

Cracking the Brand Loyalty Code with Location Data

Lisa Callahan | You can't prevent competition, but you can use location data to better understand how it affects your customers' brand loyalty.... more

Burning Questions for E-Commerce Brands

Madeleine Helme | Building an e-commerce brand is a big venture So before you run off like an excited puppy to start building your store, ask yourself these 10 questions.... more

Be Less Technical and More Practical With E-Commerce Optimization

Madeleine Helme | There's more to a business than just the website. It's time to drop the impersonal nature of online shopping with a few tips on e-commerce optimization.... more

The C-Suite Talks Location Data and Why it's So Tricky

Lisa Callahan | Check out this report from eMarketer to discover the biggest hurdles that location data has yet to overcome, according to C-suite marketers.... more

Writing Product Descriptions that Reflect Your Brand

Lisa Callahan | Marcia Yukdin from Practical Ecommerce describes how to infuse product descriptions with your brand's Unique Value Proposition to inspire customers to buy.... more

Say it with Emojis: Branding with Facebook Reactions

Hailee Franco | Social media is powered by emotions, which is probably why Facebook Reactions was created late last year. So how can your businesses use this tool?... more

Generation Y: Millennials and Customer Relationships

Kathi Furman | Don’t turn your back to the Millennial generation. Update your marketing strategy to increase brand loyalty and customer relationships.... more

Best Your Best Brand: Adding Value with Brand Advocates

Kathi Furman | Brand advocates are a valuable part of marketing strategies. Use these seven steps to create and find advocates in your current customer list.... more

Make Personalization a Personal Success for Your Brand

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary The digital era means consumers leave their consumer "DNA" (if you will) everywhere they go. As a brand, it's imperative to take advantage of that information.In this article,  Somshankar Ghosh will discuss how and why personalization is s... more

Justuno is integrating with to provide branding and segmentation.

John Shieldsmith | Justuno announced last year that they would be integrating with This allows users to customize their branded emails with Justuno, and then have their lists automatically port into, where they can be segmented and sent.  T... more

Using Data Visualization as Branded Eye Candy

Lisa Callahan | Among all types of data visualization, infographics are easily the best known. That's probably why a Google search for it yields over 100 million results.... more

Expert Opinion: Public Relations featuring Marc Brailov

Marc Brailov | Public relations its as different today as media itself. In this article, Marc Brailov shares a how to stay ahead of the changing landscape.... more

8 Calls to Action that Initiate New Relationships with Customers and Collaborators

Tim Ziegler | Let’s talk about what you can do right now to initiate new relationships with the customers and collaborators who will help build your business.... more

Digital Commerce: Empowering the Brands and People

John Shieldsmith | All eyes are on digital commerce. But like all things digital, it moves pretty fast, which makes keeping up difficult. Here are the 7 trends to know.... more

The Changing Landscape: Martech Innovations to Watch

Hailee Franco | Martech innovations are sweeping across the marketing landscape and changing how we do marketing. Learn how in this article from Forbes.... more

Social and Relationships: 50+ Stats You Need to Know

Lana K. Moore | Looking for a rundown of "need-to-know" information on social media and customer relationships? Look no further. We have all the essential statistics.... more

Expert Opinion: Public Relations featuring Frank Strong

Frank Strong | Public relations its as different today as media itself. In this article, Frank Strong shares a how to stay ahead of the changing landscape.... more

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Big Data and Ads

Lisa Callahan | Different as they may seem, the worlds of big data and advertising don't actually collide. Andrew Medal from Entrepreneur explains how they work together.... more

The Main Event: Public Relations and Event Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Event marketing is a perfect opportunity to bring in some excellent PR. Gini Dietrich talks about some of the ways you can do just that.... more

Data Visualizations for Newbies: The Do’s and Don’ts

John Shieldsmith | Data visualizations can be an extremely effective way to convey important data in a succinct way. Pick the right data and tools for the job with these tips.... more

Trust Us! E-Commerce Brands Need to Develop Trust

Madeleine Helme | There's no customer loyalty without an element of trust. It's as simple as that! Use these tips to develop trust for your e-commerce brand.... more

Expert Opinion: Public Relations featuring Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell | Public relations its as different today as media itself. In this article, Sandy Pell shares a how to stay ahead of the changing landscape.... more

Big data, retail, and relationship management

Lisa Callahan | The CEO of Rubikcloud said recently in an interview that "the holy grail of predictability [lies] in the old traditional offline data." Color me (semi)shocked. I can really see both sides of the coin. Things like sentiment analytics have... more

Brand Advocate

What is a brand advocate? A brand advocate typically refers to a customer that is so happy with your product or service that they speak favorably about to others. They market for you through word of mouth. They can become an even more valuable resou... more

What Events, Meetings and Webinars Can Do for Your Marketing Operations

Ashley Kaczmar | Meeting, events and webinars can help you build stronger relationships with customers and prospects, and develop thought leadership.... more

Creating the Perfect Brand Advocates

Kathi Furman | Brand advocates are a valuable piece that delivers customers ready to do business with you. Use these six characteristics to find your advocates today.... more

Talk Data to Me: Designing Data Visualizations Everyone Understands

Lisa Callahan | Data visualizations act as the translator for your teams. Ensure your data translates in both an accurate and understandable way using these tips.... more

Why Can't We Be Friends?: The Evolving Relationship of the CMO and CIO

Sara Sousa | Summary With the martech ecosystem growing, CIOs and CMOs have been working closely together. However, that relationship still needs to evolve further. Scott Weller explains why. Who Should Read This Article Any CMO or CIO interested in how an... more

The Time is Now for Marketing Operations and MarTech

Sara Sousa | Summary The marketing landscape has evolved and it's here to stay. Marketers must embrace the change and start thinking about how martech can benefit marketing operations.Dan Purvis explains how martech comes into play and why marketing operations... more

Creating Loyal Brand Advocates Starts with Saying Thank You

Kathi Furman | Gratitude is an important life attribute and a valuable key to experiencing business success. Here are seven ways you can thank your brand advocates.... more

How the Pros Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

Lana K. Moore | Are you looking for ways to turn your loyal customers into brand advocates? If so check out what the experts have to say in this article on MarTechExec.... more

Brandmuscle's acquisition of Saepio - a sneak preview of martech's future?

John Shieldsmith | In Scott Brinker's most recent martech landscape count , there are more than 5,000 martech solutions. This has many asking if martech companies will be forced to consolidate.  Last year, Brandmuscle acquired Saepio MarketPort coul... more

How much effective a brand advocate

Zahid Islam | Brand advocates combine the strenth of a connector. They like connecting people with others of similar interests and They are also inform storehouses who like to share their knowledge. Actually a brand advocate create more than twice as many communi... more