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Best Your Best Brand: Adding Value with Brand Advocates

Kathi Furman | Brand advocates are a valuable part of marketing strategies. Use these seven steps to create and find advocates in your current customer list.... more

Creating Loyal Brand Advocates Starts with Saying Thank You

Kathi Furman | Gratitude is an important life attribute and a valuable key to experiencing business success. Here are seven ways you can thank your brand advocates.... more

How the Pros Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

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Creating the Perfect Brand Advocates

Kathi Furman | Brand advocates are a valuable piece that delivers customers ready to do business with you. Use these six characteristics to find your advocates today.... more

How to Build a Community of Brand Advocates With Smart Content

Anna Rachel Rich | Learn how to develop advocate communities, build user-generated content programs and turn negative perceptions into healthy online dialogue.... more

Brand Advocate

What is a brand advocate? A brand advocate typically refers to a customer that is so happy with your product or service that they speak favorably about to others. They market for you through word of mouth. They can become an even more valuable resou... more

How much effective a brand advocate

Zahid Islam | Brand advocates combine the strenth of a connector. They like connecting people with others of similar interests and They are also inform storehouses who like to share their knowledge. Actually a brand advocate create more than twice as many communi... more

Brand Advocacy: The Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Sure, you can toot your own horn 'til the cows come home (not to mix strange metaphors), but having brand advocates spread your good word is far more effective in amplifying messages. Rob Mathison plunges into the nitty-gritty of advocacy p... more

Start Socializing: Creating Brand Awareness Through Employee Advocacy

Hailee Franco | Are your employees feeling uninspired? It may be time to create an employee advocacy strategy. Find out why now in this article from Caitlin Burgess.... more

Going Above and Beyond with Your Advocacy Program

Ashley Kaczmar | When someone really loves a brand, they're happy to be an advocate for you. So dive into this article and start building your advocacy program. ... more

Top Businesses Use Advocacy, Loyalty, and Referrals to Grow in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Advocacy, loyalty, and referrals solutions help companies actively encourage loyalty among their customers. Many businesses implement these.... more

The Powers of Marketing and HR Combine for Better Employee Advocacy

Ashley Kaczmar | Digital trends have been pushing HR departments to collaborate more and more with the marketing department for things like employee advocacy programs.... more

Advocacy, Loyalty and Referrals

Leon Miltiadous | An interesting article to read for a small business owner like myself.  This article was wonderful to read as it gave myself information which can be used to further expand my business. The tips from business individuals in the slide sectio... more

Cracking the Brand Loyalty Code with Location Data

Lisa Callahan | You can't prevent competition, but you can use location data to better understand how it affects your customers' brand loyalty.... more

25 Gorgeous Instagram Templates for Businesses, Brands & Bloggers

Nicole Poncsak | In this day and age you can't afford to have a mediocre Instagram feed - it's a way for you to connect with your current customers & attract new ones to your business - but with little to no graphic design experience, how do you create a pro... more

Protecting Your Brand From Fake News Sites

Ashley Kaczmar | As advertisers, we want to reach as many people as possible. However, we have to be cautious of fake news sites. What should we do to protect our brands?... more

Standing Out: How to Differentiate Your Brand and Content

John Shieldsmith | With everyone doing content marketing, it can be hard to make your brand and content stand out. Here are some tips on how you can showcase your uniqueness.... more

Medical Services Providers are not ready overall to promote them through websites and online branding.

Martin Pippin | We have worked with multiploe mediacal service providers. After that we gathered a wize information. Most of the medical service providers don't know the particular way promote and the traditional way like direct mail, brochures, print ads and broad... more

Brand Advertising Trends: Emojis

Madeleine Helme | Emojis can be a great addition to your advertising content, making it more engaging and relatable, make sure you assess your own brand and audience first.... more

Is Programmatic Advertising the Culprit Brands Are Looking For?

Ashley Kaczmar | As the issue over the placement of ads is discussed, the gaps in programmatic advertising have come to light. But is programmatic really the problem?... more

5 Keys to Successful Brand Marketing & Advertising

Jordan Trask | Since the explosion of online marketing and advertising over the last decade, brands have been vying for consumer attention. In 2016, we saw global adspend grow 5.7% to reach almost $500 billion! Although the trend looks to decline in 2017, we can... more

The C-Suite Talks Location Data and Why it's So Tricky

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The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off

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Types of Agile Development: Categorized, Criticized, and Commended

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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Data Scientist Candidates

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To be successful do sales and marketing need to communicate?

Hailee Franco | At my office, we work in a collaborative environment. Every team is working together to ensure that all ever project we do is done with not only our users in mind but the other departments. This has helped make us more effective overall while improv... more

MarTech and the Modern Marketer: How Tech Creates New Opportunities

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Function Over Form: Driving Conversion Rates With Landing Pages

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Don't Stand for Low E-Commerce Conversion Rates!

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Expert Opinion: Search Advertising Featuring Alex Tarrand

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Productivity Hacks for the Sluggish and Scatterbrained

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How Local Businesses Can Rank in Search Engines in 2017

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Engaging Your Target Market: Strategy Advice From Andreas Jones

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How to Transform Talent Into Company Leaders: Advice From Ben Baran

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VisibleThread's website clarity review finds insurance sites have bad content.

John Shieldsmith | VisibleThread performed a website clarity review and found that many health insurance sites are suffering from confusing, bad content. A huge push in content marketing has been a focus on clean, concise content.  Why do you think health i... more

Small and Mighty: 15 Tips to Fix Your Local SEO

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How 15 Minutes of Google Analytics Work Can Enhance Your Content and Improve Your Website Experience

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You Better Catch Up and Keep Up With Martech

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Martech Consolidation vs Diversification: Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

Sara Sousa | Summary The martech landscape is as vibrant ever, but will all these new solutions trying to navigate uncharted territory, we start to wonder if marketing technology will consolidate.Scott Brinker explains his thoughts on the future of the martech... more

Finding Your Muse: Tips for Catching Creativity On-Demand

John Shieldsmith | Creativity is a fickle beast. It comes and goes as it pleases. Right? Well, it doesn't have to. Use these tips to find creativity anytime, anywhere.... more