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Big Data

What is big data? Big data is a combination of all the data a company collects. It includes data from online sources, like newsletter subscriptions, and offline sources, like in-store purchases. Because of its volume, the analysis of big... more

Burgers and big data

Lisa Callahan | Well, this isn't something I see everyday in data news. Did you guys see this article about Carl's Jr. using Quantifind for its restaurant data? Yeah, apparently they have 5 years worth of data and more than 700mil online conversations to analyze.... more

Master Data Management: Big Data's New BFF

Lisa Callahan | Master Data Management (MDM) is the new kid on the block for companies with big data on hand. Dale Renner explains why an MDM is your new best friend.... more

Get with it. Big Data is Out, Smart Data is In.

Bonnie Evans | Connecting the dots is more important than ever. Which is why you need smart data in 2017. Find out more in this article on MarTechExec.... more

6 Critical Components of a Big Data Strategy

Lisa Callahan | Adding a big data strategy onto your marketing vision board sounds simple, but don't be fooled. Use these tips to ensure it's backed with the proper plan.... more

Don't Let Big Data be a Bully

Bonnie Evans | Summary Don't let massive data sets be intimidating. They have a ton of very useful information to help tailor and redirect your marketing campaigns to increase your ROI."Marketers who want to improve multi-channel sales and the customer experience... more

Five Complete Lies We Believe About Big Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Swapnil Chaudhary dispels five myths causing martech pros to misuse and abuse the term "big data."... more

Big Data DIY: Recycling Bad Data for Strategic Use

Lisa Callahan | Smart marketers not only recognize good data when they see it -- they also recognize bad data, and know how to turn it around.... more

Pros and Cons of Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)

Trent Jonas | While BDaaS requires a considerable commitment of resources on the part of a company, firms that are able to implement BDaaS harness data-leveraging power.... more

Make Big Data Easier With These Tips

Madeleine Helme | Everyone's talking about big data, and it seems like it's getting bigger and more complicated by the day. Don't let your data get the better of you!... more

Stealing the Spotlight on the Big Data Stage

Lisa Callahan | The sooner you incorporate big data into your natural marketing flow, the sooner and faster your business will grow. Find out how in this article.... more

The Martech Newbie's Guide to Implementing Big Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Philip Piletic from Single Grain Digital Marketing describes how to start using big data analytics to bump up your marketing efforts.... more

Big Data is the Key to Attracting a Millennial Audience

Madeleine Helme | Millennials are more willing to share their personal lives with the world than any other generation, which gives marketers access to endless data.... more

Big data, retail, and relationship management

Lisa Callahan | The CEO of Rubikcloud said recently in an interview that "the holy grail of predictability [lies] in the old traditional offline data." Color me (semi)shocked. I can really see both sides of the coin. Things like sentiment analytics have... more

Follow the Leader: How Big Businesses Use Big Data

Lisa Callahan | Advice about big data can be contradictory, confusing, and complex. It's time to forget what you've been told and see what actually works.... more

Stop Treating Big Data Like a Monster Under the Bed

Lisa Callahan | Why do businesses avoid creating a big data strategy? Because they fear what they don't understand. We know big data looks ominous, but it doesn't have to.... more

Startups are Embracing Big Data, and It's Paying Off

Lisa Callahan | You may think that only mature companies can do big data well. Yet, startups are the ones "driving significant changes" in the big data field.... more

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Big Data and Ads

Lisa Callahan | Different as they may seem, the worlds of big data and advertising don't actually collide. Andrew Medal from Entrepreneur explains how they work together.... more

It's Not About How to Use Big Data — It's Why

Lisa Callahan | Ashley Stirrup from DZone describes the "myriad [of] new opportunities" surrounding the field of big data — plus a few hurdles they've yet to overcome.... more

Big Data is Beautiful: Better Web Design Using Analysis

Lisa Callahan | This article outlines five ways you can utilize your big data during the web design process, including heat map analysis, traffic analysis and more.... more

Computing and Kumbaya: Big Data as a Force for Good

Lisa Callahan | New to big data and business intelligence? Read this article for a fresh take on the influence of the big data field -- as told by one of its top experts.... more

Money See, Money Do: Taking Direction from Big Data Champs

Lisa Callahan | Summary Big data is a $150 billion industry, according to some estimates. But how much of that money goes down the drain?Save yourself some unnecessary despair, won't ya?In this article, Clint Boulton describes how top CIOs are succeeding with big... more

Small Steps for Managing Your Big Data Project

Lisa Callahan | Big data projects should be treated like any other project, with business goals, technical requirements, and added value as the highest priorities.... more

Big Data Use Cases Every Startup Owner Should Read

Lisa Callahan | Summary Case studies are a dime a dozen in martech.While we may not admit it, studying the triumphs and tribulations of our competitors' is one of the best ways we learn.In this article, Heena Banga from Smart Data Collective lists some big data be... more

Hey Startups, Stop Geeking Out Over Big Data

Lisa Callahan | Is big data a big hassle? Or does your startup need it to succeed? Keep reading to learn what one business owner has to say.... more

Breaking Down Big Data Into Pretty, Bite-Sized Bits

Lisa Callahan | Data visualization designers and big data scientists speak two different languages. While designers see life in color, scientists prefer black and white.... more

Mean, Clean, Big Data Machine: Quality Beats Quantity

Lisa Callahan | Any way you slice it, bad data is bad data. No amount of graphing, mapping, or filtering can prove that untrue. Make it shine again with these tips.... more

Uniting Analysts and Engineers in a Cohesive Data Team

Lisa Callahan | Uniting your different data forces in one cohesive team ensures neither data scientists' nor data engineers' individual efforts go to waste.... more

Money-Making Data Tactics for Anyone in Ecommerce

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Dataconomy, Danny Asling introduces us to the current state of big data in eCommerce and how to use it to make the big bucks.... more

Episerver aims to create autonomous personalization. A taste of the future?

John Shieldsmith | Last year Episerver acquired Peerius, an omnichannel personalization vendor. This was done in an effort to create what Episerver refers to as autonomous personalization. Episerver envisions a world where users can get information in real-time by app... more

Science by Numbers: Why You Need Data Science

John Shieldsmith | Data science is a new and really powerful field. And as luck would have it, you're drowning in data. Now how do you go about getting a data scientist?... more

Google, the Master of Data Generation

Bonnie Evans | Google is the king of data collection and they do it well. It's not so much about a data platform but rather data generation.... more

Data as a Core Value: Why Creatives Will Love it Too

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Guy Levy-Yurista from Data Nirvana lists his top tips for implementing data as a core company value. Next up: Picking your metric mascot.... more

Too many data scientists, not enough jobs

Lisa Callahan | So, check this out: "On any given day there are about 450 job postings for data professionals coming from every kind of company." That came from an article about RapidMiner partnering up with Experfy. The goal there is so make hiring dat... more

Data to the Rescue: 6 Ways it Can Save Your Retail Business

Lisa Callahan | Retail businesses can't get by doing the same old things in this new, fast-paced, data-driven world. There's one choice: Go big data or go home.... more

How Data Resurrected Retail Marketing

Lisa Callahan | If you work in a brick-and-mortar retail store or in retail marketing, this is for you. Read to learn why data is faring so well on the retail floor.... more

Prepping Enterprise Data for Analytics Projects

Lisa Callahan | Summary Enterprises are a different beast than any other kind of organization.They also have loads more data available to them, which means getting it all under control can be a complete nightmare.In this article, the team at insideBIGDATA sets you... more

The Four Types of BDaaS You Meet in Marketing

John Shieldsmith | There are 4 types of BDaaS, each of which offers different levels of service or options. As is the case with most things, one size does not fit all.... more

Differentiating Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trent Jonas | In order to master data science as a whole, you need (at least) a working knowledge of the interplay between statistics, machine learning, and data science.... more

The Future of Focus: Will AI Make Us Less Attentive?

Lisa Callahan | Struggling to stay focused at work? Keep reading to find out why big data may be to blame (Or, at least, why you can try to convince yourself of that).... more