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What is B2C? B2C , or business-to-consumer, is the sale of products direct to consumers. These include mass market items like cars, clothes and home goods. B2C is the opposite of B2B, or business-to-business.... more

The B2C Marketing Trends You’ll See in 2018

Mark Gally | In this guest post for MarTechExec, Zaius CEO Mark Gally pinpoints the biggest B2C marketing trends that will shape martech in 2018.... more

Billion-Dollar Bot: 10 Uses for Conversational Commerce

Lisa Callahan | Also known as conversational commerce, the use of chatbots in B2C sales allows for more personalized customer service and a higher likelihood of purchase.... more

The 71-Point Guide to Win B2B Facebook Ads

Anna Rachel Rich | Allen Finn sheds light on Facebook’s substantial business growth opportunities in the B2B sphere.... more

Why Should B2B Advertisers Be Interested in Programmatic TV?

Ashley Kaczmar | 'Programmatic” connotes digital trackability, and 'TV' has an old-brand feel. This article will cover why B2B advertisers should try programmatic TV. ... more

The ABCs of PPC and Why They Don't Always Matter

Ashley Kaczmar | This article draws a fascinating comparison between PPC for B2B marketing and PPC for higher education, which is typically considered B2C.... more

Overcome your sales anxiety

Sarah Thielland | Another good piece of advice would be to not set goals you know you cannot achieve. That would only make your fear of not meeting your goals worse. Also, don't sweat rejection! It's fine falling back a little - the best way to get over that is... more

Being an Enabler: Mastering Sales Enablement

John Shieldsmith | Your salespeople are your biggest asset. But, are you doing all you can to empower them? Master sales enablement and you will master sales.... more

How B2B Can Beat B2C in the Influencer Marketing Race

Hailee Franco | ATTENTION B2B MARKETERS! Do I have your attention now? Now let’s talk about influencer marketing. So how do you beat them in the influencer marketing race?... more

Maybe old but not out of fashion.

Sharlene Rieger | The elevator pitch may be an older technique as the writer points out, but in no way has it become irrelevant. In fact, as she says, you should be able to out line your idea effectively in under 25 words. If that isn't twitter worthy, then I do... more

Learn from the Best: How Companies Are Using Marketing Analytics

John Shieldsmith | Modern marketing analytics has led to an overwhelming amount of new possibilities for marketing and has changed the playing field as we know it.... more
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            SailPlay is a B2C marketing automation platform. Launch a marketing campaign, loyalty program, Email or SMS marketing. Gamification tools. Increase sales in online of offline stores. Website integration, POS integration, Mobile app integration.... more

Customer Intelligence Yields Better Audience Insights

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition Customer Intelligence (CI) is the process businesses use to gather and review customer data. This data is taken from multiple sources to gain a complete view of customer details and activities. The goal of CI is to understand what... more

Staying Positive: How to Overcome Your Sales Anxiety

Hailee Franco | Does cold calling scare you? Are you worried you won't meet this month's quota? Conquer these fears by reading Bill Caskey's article now.... more
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            FirstHive is a powerful B2C cross channel marketing platform that helps customers achieve greater sales and marketing ROI by providing a Single View of the Customer across multiple channels, and enables relevant and targeted communication and convers... more

Ready to Sell Your Product? Step Into My Elevator

Hailee Franco | The elevator pitch. Yes, it is an old school method, but one Alison Davis thinks is still effective. Check out this article to find out why.... more


Eve A | True. The elevator pitch can never be old school. It really helps a marketer put many ideas into one simple workable plan and sets you in motion. It really helped me with finding the best approach to answering questions given in my assignments while... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring Wes Marsh

Wes Marsh | Read up on what content marketing expert Wes Marsh predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Search Advertising Featuring Matt Solar

Matt Solar | PPC has been around for a long time, but it continues to stay fresh and evolve with technology. Find out what our experts predict for the PPC future.... more

Know Your Market - B2B vs. B2C E-Commerce

Madeleine Helme | Customers are not created equally, so make sure your e-commerce website is geared toward your target audience. B2B vs. B2C e-commerce explained here.... more

B2B E-Commerce: Treat it Like B2C and Win

John Shieldsmith | B2B e-commerce is expected to hit $7.7 trillion by the end of 2017. That's a ton of money. But how do you get in on the action?... more

Account-Based Marketing (ABM): A Guide to the Future for High-Performing Teams

Ashley Kaczmar | What does the future hold for account-based marketing (ABM)? Find out with these predictions and best practices from over 16 experts.... more

Web Analytics Will Make 2017 Your Site's Best Yet

Lisa Callahan | Web analytics is data about website activity. It helps businesses track who visits their website, what content they look at, and how long they stay.... more

Not Getting the ROI from Search Advertising That You Want? Take the Experts’ Advice

Ashley Kaczmar | Search advertising is the placement of ads in search engine results. Businesses pay to place these ads at the top of search results.... more

Content Marketing for the Modern Customer Journey: A Guide for Marketers Willing to Walk the Walk

Lisa Callahan | Find out what 26 martech experts have to say about the good, bad and ugly of content marketing — Plus how to optimize yours for the new customer journey.... more

Inbox Full...Of Awesome: Learn Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing is still relevant and still essential to overall marketing success. Read this article to learn the ins and outs of this timeless practice.... more
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            Tagspire is an online community that empowers individuals to share the products they love with cash incentives. For shoppers, Tagspire helps them get more of what they want – more credible recommendations from friends, family and peers that al... more
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            Recart makes more money for your ecommerce store. Actually, it's already made $23m for others.... more
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            Kelkoo is the eCommerce advertising platform of choice that connects consumers with products. We provide qualified leads through our publisher network... more
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