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selected as one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018.

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Women in Martech

To kick off our Women in Martech Series, and to be considered one of 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech - 2018, we asked women to provide their thoughts in three areas: Career, Martech in Practice and Women in Martech.

Women in Martech is a weekly series, beginning in January 2018, based on the thoughts, advice and opinions of real women about marketing and marketing technology.

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Here’s what Valeria Vallancourt had to say!

Did you have a mentor? Who was it and how did they help you succeed?

I was fortunate to work at some of the best enterprise marketing software companies when I began my career in marketing, such as Unica Corporation (acquired by IBM).

The marketing team at Unica was filled with rock stars, and I learned from all of them, particularly Carol Meyers, Carol Wolicki, Megan Harrigan, and Lauren Cramer.

I was young and inexperienced, and they all, in their own ways, helped me carve out my future in marketing. I was privileged to grow throughout the marketing organization during my nearly six years there, and they each helped me develop the skills that I’ve used throughout my career.

Carol Meyers taught me how to lead and work with analysts and navigate the departments within an organization.

Carol Wolicki brought out my creativity and allowed me to spread my wings.

Megan Harrigan taught me how to be quietly assertive while working with others on our team.

Lauren Cramer was by far the best Events Manager I have ever worked with, and I carry her lessons with me in every event I work on.

What are the most common misconceptions about martech?

A common misconception about martech is that marketing technology solves everything.

It really doesn’t, and you still need smart people and processes in order to make technology work for you.

Marketing technology, however, is not a one-size-fits all for any organization. You need to evaluate what technology works best for you and your internal processes rather than following the next shiny object in the digital space.

What can women in martech do as a community to support one another?

Women can educate one another, provide mentorship to those around us and provide growth opportunities within our organizations and beyond.

Networking and reaching out is key.

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