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When a company decides to add a new product or service to their repertoire, it can be a daunting task. You have no idea how well your new offering is going to be received and whether or not it will be a success. All of the hard work that has gone into conceiving and developing the idea could be for nothing if the launch doesn’t go as planned, and the reputation of your business could even suffer as a result of a poor launch.

So why leave all of this to chance? You want everything in your arsenal that can help you ensure the success of your launch, and PR is a must have.

Read on to find out how you can use PR to launch a new product or service

Create a buzz

PR activities can help attract attention to your product and build some hype around it before the launch, and maintain this hype throughout the launch and beyond.

You will want to attract the attention of journalists and experts in your field. Start by doing some research into publications that might be interested in your new product, ones that cover a similar subject matter and target a similar audience. You can also look online for notable influencers in your industry, ones that your audience pays attention to on social media, for example.

Don’t send them your product information straight away, though. You should build a relationship with them first, so make sure you start this a few months before your launch is scheduled. Give feedback on their content, share it, and help them out in any way you can. This way, they will know who you are and will trust you more when you send them something to share or publish.

When you’re ready, put together a press release to send to them, and make sure it is written in a way that illustrates the interest it will create for their audience. You could also send a free sample of your product so they can test and review it.

Create a website or landing page for your product and start populating it with SEO-friendly content so that it can be indexed in time for the launch. Place a newsletter signup form on this page so that anyone interested in your new product can receive exclusive updates about it. You should also spread the word on social media and share links to that page. Engage with your audience to get them talking about it online.

When it comes to the release of your product, organize a launch event and invite notable people and industry experts. A big event with special guests can attract a lot of media attention to the launch of your product. Make sure you keep the buzz going after the launch so that the attention doesn’t fizzle out. Doing this right can lead to ongoing success and popularity for your new product or service.