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Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt markets, streamline tasks, activities and transactions. As technology evolves our marketing sophistication tends to mirror that level of sophistication.

Directionally, marketing at its core will stay the same as it always has, and as long as there is a supply there will be a demand for it.

However, with blockchain providing a more transparent, level setting platform for a truly user centric focus environment, I would anticipate that digital marketing will be solidified and become much more granular.

Our attribution, personalization and behavior modeling will shift and require a deeper level of granularity. This in turn will increase the relevancy for advertisers along with conversion rates.

With a blockchain model, the "sway" of a crowd is in real time, which can lead to predictability, and marketing to that real time model will have to become much more adaptable and dynamic.

Our "Why" we do things will remain the same as marketers, however our "How" will be forced to change.