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Even without having enough historical data on the influence of blockchain technology on the marketing sphere, an understanding of blockchain technology can give us a hint into what major changes and impacts blockchain can bring to digital marketing. One of the most obvious ones is the crucial changes in the use of data for targeting.

Nowadays we are all used to the fact that personal data, which all internet users provide on a global scale, is easily extracted and owned by big corporations like Google, Facebook, etc., which analyze, structure and then sell it out or use for creation of intensive targeting advertisement and personalized campaigns.

Blockchain will change this dramatically. Imagine a decentralized world, where individuals will have more control over their personal data, corporations will no longer maintain control of the personal data of internet users and marketing agencies won't be able to simply access personal data without personal allowance and acknowledgement of their customers anymore.

From a practical side it means that marketing specialists will no longer be able to easily segment the target users according to their personal habits and interests and create target marketing campaigns based on available data. To win the competition and attract customers they will need to create authentic value to their target community, so that potential customers will be willing to voluntarily share their personal data.

Moreover, in a blockchain world customers can share and retract their personal data any time, which may become a strong motivation for companies and marketing specialists to continuously deliver some value to their customers, in order to keep their willingness to leave personal data open and accessible by the companies.