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Blockchain promises a new era of transparency for marketers and consumers. With blockchain's auditable ledger, marketers will be able to more fully trace the sales cycle and attribution.

By providing new transparency into their supply partners, they'll also more fully understand how and where their marketing dollars are being spent.

At the same time, consumers will have more control and visibility into how their data is being used, so marketers need to establish trust and transparency with their customers long before blockchain becomes commonplace.

For example, what influence will blockchain have on the marketing technology landscape in 3 years? Many startups are actively developing new technologies, and also established companies such as IBM investing significant resources in blockchain.

These companies will bring about completely new marketing technology and also improve existing workflows.

The biggest change may be how we interact with new digital currencies (cryptocurrency is the current lingo, but it scares off a lot of people!). Blockchain requires a payment to "miners" to execute transactions, so many companies are creating their own currencies or tokens to execute their product or technology services.

Whereas today we are comfortable transacting in our country's currency — like the US Dollar or British Pound — tomorrow, we may be transacting with six or seven digital currencies on top of the typical country currency.

Or, how will customers benefit from blockchain technology in marketing? Customers will be able to have more control than ever over their identity online.

Already today, companies like MetaMask allow consumers to seamlessly integrate their "blockchain" identity with other websites online. This will allow customers to only share certain information with some companies, withhold it from others, and enable or revoke access to their personal data at any time. Blockchain will bring a new and more transparent relationship between brands and consumers.