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Head over to CoinMarketCap.com and peruse the list of coins. Randomly select a few and you are likely to hit upon a coin with its sights set on disrupting the digital marketing space. The coin isn't necessarily the game changer for marketing, though. The coin is produced by a company trying to build software and the coin is the means of generating funding.

Here's a list of just a few software systems currently being built using blockchain technology:

  • A system aiming to construct the first decentralized whitelist of respectable publisher domains.
  • A new ad exchange that addresses issues with ad fraud, privacy, and consent.
  • A new content discovery platform that rewards users and publishers in order to circumvent ad-blockers.

These are just three of the many technologies being developed on the blockchain and being funded by cryptocurrency!

Will these systems ever reach mass adoption? Only time will tell. Given the fact that they are built with many marketers' pain points in mind (Oh, you have a way to eliminate that stupid bot traffic from inflating my display ad impressions? I think I love you), chances are good that if word gets out, demand for these systems will rise.