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While the term blockchain has been thrown around for years and the advertising and marketing technology communities have acknowledged the solutions it can provide within the industry, we’re finally starting to see it implemented.

Blockchain will bring immense transparency, take out unnecessary intermediaries, hold companies accountable and ensure data security to the programmatic supply chain. It will also further ensure brand safety by validating ad placements and transactions.

Those who understand the technology behind blockchain understand its biggest advantages. It is a decentralized digital ledger that enables automatic verification of transactions through peer-to-peer networks.

Most importantly, it has the ability to eliminate ad fraud across the industry. Each transaction is connected to the one before and the one after it, leading to a traceable history of every recorded event.

No record can ever be deleted as it’s immutable, and nothing can be altered, thus reducing the middle-man, taking out bad actors, and providing a safe programmatic experience for brands.