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In many ways, the convergence of modern marketing techniques and blockchain technologies are already being felt. Platforms like Steemit and others are opening the door to allowing everyone to monetize their messages in a more equitable form. However, for the marketing industry as a whole, the implications are far wider. For example, a transparent public ledger for paid advertising clicks could drastically reduce the current click fraud epidemic that many advertisers are suffering from.

For example, what influence will blockchain have on the marketing technology landscape in 3 years?

Beyond reducing issues like click fraud, I believe that blockchain can lead to a new balance between advertiser and consumer. Right now, very personal consumer data is just a product that is bought and sold on a fairly open market. However, the consumer has very little say about this and profits even less. In the future, people will be compensated as partners in this equation through novel business models that reward them for willingly sharing their data.

Or, how will customers benefit from blockchain technology in marketing?

Imagine for example, a system where people are compensated for being on email lists for companies and brands that they love and respect. In that type of scenario, the brands will have a highly targeted audience to communicate with while the participants won't need to feel like they've been duped by manipulative marketers. Both sides win.