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Blockchain is still in its nascency, and it will be some time before we have a full view of all the ways blockchain will change the way we work.

This is as true for marketing as it is for any other business function. Nevertheless, there are two key patterns of usage for blockchain in the marketing sphere that are happening already: Tracking and provenance.


Blockchains' immutability and shared ownership of transaction data is being used to develop content tagging and tracking systems that will be used to provide a reliable and monetizable record of who has seen a given piece of marketing content.

This kind of trusted record can serve as the basis for innovative — and far more accurate  — pricing models


Blockchain solutions are already being used to provide an independent record of provenance for high-value assets. Provenance solutions will be invaluable in helping marketers protect the value of their brands in two ways.

First, they provide a record of authenticity that can be used to defeat counterfeiting and readily identify both buyers and sellers of low-quality goods that can damage the perception of a brand.

Second, the same kind of provenance verification can be used for marketing content, certifying that a message truly comes from the brand and not from a malicious outsider or unscrupulous rival.


How will customers benefit from blockchain technology in marketing?

End customers will benefit by only having to pay for marketing messages that actually reach their intended target, and by having the visibility to see at a much more granular level which messages actually prompt action.