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Yuval Maoz is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Here’s what AI won’t do in the near future:

Get us excited.

For that, we still need the human touch. But what AI can do is find the best people who match our interests and get us excited.

Influencer marketing may see the greatest impact of artificial intelligence in language processing and image recognition technologies. Both processes analyze conversations and pictures across the social web, like those on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

And from these conversations, the technology learns the user's interests, their expertise, and later on, their true influence on their audience.

AI not only facilitates the deep learning of social influencers, it also categorizes them by interest, influence levels, and many demographic audience segments, like gender, location, and average income levels.

AI nudges us to make smarter decisions in our influencer selection. Once the team of influencers is selected, the AI part is over. Now, it’s the influencers’ turn to get us intrigued by a good story and fine image in the most human way.

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