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Samaneh Pourjalali is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

There's a massive disconnect between current user behavior and almost everything companies are doing online — a huge gap that AI can and will fill.

In 2015, messenger platforms surpassed social media on active usage (BI Intelligence), indicating that we prefer the interactive experience of responding to questions as opposed to the experience of scrolling and reading.

When you look at tech-savvy audience segments like millennials, the evidence is staggering. Studies show 73-83% use text over email and call interactions (Journal of Computers in Human Behavior).

Now, think about the online purchase experience in relation to these strong pre-formed habits. You have an internet that is overwhelming with choices, making individual products and services hard to compare.

And what is the current solution? Digital content: Read about our product/service, look over here, click that, watch this video, here's a really long blog article for you to read, scroll here, find that.

What is the problem? The user is forced to do all the work — Namely, go on a treasure hunt to get answers to their questions. AI will change this.

AI will be the 3rd dimension to brands. It steps out of the screen and into an ambient world. It gives brands voice and tone. More importantly, it assumes the role of a live service agent, a personal advisor, that the customer can quite literally talk to (or text with).

This agent does everything from answering questions and helping find the best options to addressing concerns as the user moves forward with their purchase.

AI will educate yet charm and delight, adding value to the user's experience and aiding in the acquisition of a happy customer for the business.

In the future, each company will have a host of these AI advisors and service agents engaging in high value conversations with their customers.

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