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Nancy A. Shenker is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

AI will have a radical impact on every aspect of marketing. I believe that 25%+ of marketing positions as we know them will become obsolete in the next 5-10 years.

We are already seeing machines assuming many analytic, personalization, and messaging responsibilities previously performed by humans, as they aggregate and utilize data at a micro- and macro-level. Creative development, PR pitching, and even responding to RFPs will all be machine-assisted and eventually machine-performed.

Every marketer needs to get smarter about the impact of AI, machine learning, and robots (three different things) on his marketing function and every marketing executive needs to invest in the RIGHT technologies and not just jump on a solution because it has AI in its sales pitch.

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