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Michelle Huff is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

AI is the next evolution of marketing automation and should be embraced by marketers. Customers are engaging with businesses across multiple digital platforms on a plethora of devices, underscoring the need for a customized experience throughout their customer journey.

AI for marketing is a prospect that both excites and intimidates marketers. Just as marketing automation has become commonplace among marketers, AI will be adopted at a similar rate. When marketing automation accelerated the collection and activation of customer data, marketers were able to focus on developing insights and analyzing the trends from this data.

With the introduction of AI, more intelligent algorithms will analyze and leverage vast amounts of data for more creative, strategic marketing. Rather than replacing the role of the marketer, AI will only enhance the intuition, experience, and ability needed to communicate strategic recommendations to customers.

The implementation of AI will provide real-time actionable insights to marketers, empowering them to focus on the customer connection in an increasingly digital environment. By embracing AI technology, marketers will be able to harness customer data and transform it into a customized, real-time journey.

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