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Mahi de Silva is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

AI and chatbot technology will undoubtedly become the workhorse of modern digital marketing. With new advances in machine learning and the ability to contextualize data, marketers will be able to use AI-powered chatbots to not only collect data and isolate a specific customer to target, but engage with them at a personal level via their preferred SMS platforms to help push products or services, and develop a relationship with the brand. This conversational commerce is entirely automated, allowing for marketing campaigns to directly engage with more customers than ever before. All of these capabilities are already in the works, and currently being adopted by larger brands all over the world.

However, as AI/chatbot technology continues to advance, so too will its role in marketing. Machine learning will help AI engagement appear more human, and even allow chatbot systems to converse and even negotiate with human users. The ability for bots to operate on multiple platforms will ensure that marketing campaigns aren't siloed to just social media or apps, but able to move with a consumer naturally through their connected device. Additionally, the integration of AR and VR technology will open up a whole new realm of opportunities for marketers to engage with customers outside of the standard SMS format.

Marketers, and the entire practice of marketing, will have to adapt to AI being a crucial part of their practice. We will have to be more tech savvy, be able to work hand-in-hand with developers, and ultimately work smarter to understand and, more importantly, utilize the mass amounts of data they will receive so they do not ruin the practice before it can truly be useful and fruitful.

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