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Ian Khan is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report. Check him out at http://www.iankhan.com/.

Here's the complete contribution:

Marketing is about creating trust and building relationships. Marketing is also about helping a customer or audience base clearly identify and align their needs with products and services that you may be offering. Traditional marketing, which includes modern ways to market over the internet, is a channel.

Enter Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine a way to reach your customers at the perfect time. Even better than that imagine highlighting the attribute of your product that is most relevant to your customer at a specific time.

Let me explain.

Imagine Sally, an average mom of a 2-year-old toddler. She often shops online and buys things for her family. She loves shopping for her baby online and has some items she regularly buys. One of these is a skin moisturizer for her. One day her toddler gets stung by a bee and Sally needs to find out what to do about it, so she does what we all would do: searches the internet for an answer.

Because AI worked behind the scenes, and let's assume the AI engine behind her shopping website knows everything about each product they sell, she gets a recommendation on her search engine, intelligently pushed by her website that her skin lotion has an active ingredient that would help soothe the swelling on her babies bee sting. Sally would not have thought about it before and ends up saving the day.

This was a very simple scenario and a very simple story to illustrate a point.

Artificial intelligence is about intelligently using information that we as humans may not be aware of. It is also about making decisions based on calculations as humans we would never make. It is also about making connections between information that we would commonly not think of.

Marketers of tomorrow will have the opportunity to add a lot more relevance to products and services they sell. It will significantly affect the chain of value creation as customers get more relevant information when they need it and where it has the maximum impact.

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