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Karl Mattson is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

AI presents a huge opportunity for marketers — helping them get their message across clearly and to the right audience by leveraging the mass amount of data consumers create daily.

In fact, the Salesforce Fourth Annual State of Marketing report noted that 53 percent% of marketers surveyed said say they plan to implement some form of AI into their work within the next two years.

While marketers today are using AI for boosting lead generation and analyzing sales calls, in the future, AI will move us to a highly personalized web and app universe where the customer’s needs and wants will be anticipated *before* the customer becomes aware of the need or want.

Sort of like an informational amniotic fluid — more specifically, an amniotic web where the customer interacts in suspension with his personalized experience, seamlessly.

One things’ for sure: We will see AI threaded through every stage of the customer journey. Here’s a few ways AI will shape marketing in the future:

Advertising, content and customer service

Advertising, content and customer service will increasingly depend up AI. With advertising, we’ll see a lot more machine learning-driven targeting and retargeting.

With content, we’ll see AI-driven engines create increasingly more content — which can be done quite well for data-centric pieces like financial earnings and market stories.

After creating the content, we’ll see AI take a larger role curating the content. Imagine today’s recommendation engines on steroids, highly personalized to each individual.

Customer conversion

AI will also be threaded into every opportunity the customer has to convert — from dynamic pricing driven by algorithms to something simple such as autofill as a service, where shopping in particular can benefit from reduced cart abandonment.

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