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When you buy something in-store, part of your decision is based on seeing the product, holding it, and feeling it. When you buy online, you don’t have this luxury. You have to base your decision on what the seller shows you or tells you about the product. Because buyers can’t see the product in person and explore it themselves, it is vital that e-commerce sellers do everything they can to give a full picture of the product so buyers can be fully informed.

Quality product photos are a key part of making sales in e-commerce, so how can you achieve them?

Here are a few tips for product photos that sell


One of the main jobs of your product photos is to make your products look good. Poorly taken photos are not going to do this very well. Make sure your photos aren’t grainy or stretched to unusual proportions. It is best to take your photos against a plain-colored background, which can be achieved simply by using a sheet of paper as a backdrop.

Lighting is also important. Shooting photos near a window will add lots of natural light to the image. Good digital cameras can be bought at reasonable prices these days, but if you don’t have the budget, your smartphone may even be sufficient.

Multiple views

When handling a product, customers can look at it to see it from different angles and sides. To simulate this, take multiple photos of each product from different angles. This will help give your customers a full picture of the product. If you’re selling clothes, it is good to be able to see the item being worn by a model as well. Some websites even show a catwalk video of the item of clothing being worn.

Range of choices

If you offer a product in a range of different styles or colors, you should show each of them. Don’t just tell your customers what colors are available and expect them to imagine it themselves. If they can see the actual product in that color, it will help them to make up their minds.


A zoom function on your product photos can make a big difference. If a customer wants to examine a specific detail of the product, they can do so by zooming in, just like they could in store by looking at the item more closely. Make sure your photos retain the same quality when being zoomed into.

Your photos and product descriptions are the key things that help customers decide whether to buy from you or not. So, follow these tips when taking your product photos to help boost the sales of your e-commerce site.